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  1. Did anyone catch how much Suh's throwback jersey sold for and who bought it? I'm sure it would sell for way more now than it did this fall.
  2. Since when does NU worry about competing with other Uni's dollar wise? Click here
  3. Lets start wagers on when this post gets squashed by a mod.....
  4. BINGO!!! Not much talent at WR, #1 RB is playin' hurt, backup RB's are inexperienced, #5 can't (won't) run so the wishy washy RB's are keyed more aggressively for the running game, #17's first start wasn't the greatest, but he has the freshman's first start excuse, #44 is blanketed, the o-line plays paddy cake. This isn't a play calling issue, it's a talent issue. The Offense has been the backbone for the past few years under Wats (and Cally). We'll be there once both sides of the ball are clicking during the same year.
  5. Some pundits article isn't going to be a declaration that Nebraska is back. When Nebraska wins against OU and shows a good game in the Big XII title game (or wins it), then Nebraska is back. This recent win over Missouri was great, but it isn't the "Nebraska is back" game.
  6. He's already being written off for end of season awards.....just keep it rollin' "Mr. Suh"! Notice the strikeout through his name! http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2...ward-announced/
  7. Have to wait 2 hours for the good stuff
  8. ....1990 at home vs Colorado? Cept the other way around. http://www.huskerpedia.com/games/1990/09colorado.html
  9. Yes and ESPN showed it on SportsCenter!!! BLAAAAHhhhhh HA HA!!
  10. Someone get the website created.
  11. http://sicajames.myminicity.com/
  12. Wasn't he in town for the USC vs NU game?.....on the USC sideline?
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