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  1. Does anyone remember laughter?
  2. If they play this dumb every game its going to be a looooong season.
  3. With a 0.500 record I think its at best "semi-professionalism".
  4. Time to pelt the refs with rocks and garbage.
  5. I bet my reaction was like the majority's ... "Who?"
  6. The cannon shots imitate the fan's heads exploding.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B01e7n4RzZc?t=9
  8. No, I miss the Big 8. And don't forget that ol snake in the grass commissioner Dan Beebe
  9. Yeah finally someone gets to the main culprit behind all this and that's ... HARVEY PERLMAN. It was Harvey who hired SE without any input from Osbourne. He apparently couldn't get rid of ol Tom quick enough. Look at every bad decision made at NU for the last couple of decade and you'll find ol Harv skulking around in the background. "What's that Sean? You want to hire a 0.500 coach? Well ooookay. But its all on you hehehe." They should rehire Perlman just to fire him properly instead of letting him slink off into the sunset.
  10. Hell even Howard Schnellenberger had the decency to resign after 1 failed year at Oklahoma. What Riley and Co are doing right now is stealing, plain and simple.
  11. "Hang in there..." He was apparently addressing fans who actually hanged themselves realizing they were probably stuck with SE and Riley until the end of next season.
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