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  1. This is who Nebraska is now. They consistently find ways to lose
  2. Yep. I think him still playing while injured or in pain is the definition of being tough.
  3. 4-3 or 3-4 doesn't matter. Both can work, if you have the players. Both can fail, if you don't have the players. Last year didn't work because we were missing some players. Bo's defense also wasn't very good towards the end of his tenure, because he was missing some players.
  4. Not sure about this. Alabama is used to playing for championships. They don't want to be in a bowl game that means nothing. I imagine a lot of their starters won't even be playing.
  5. What's the deal with the donation? I have read it is mandatory. If so, it isn't a donation, it's a fee.
  6. That's pretty specific. I feel like you have done this before...
  7. Good defense. Good defense is fun to watch. I think back to the 2009 Big 12 Championship, or even the 2009 season, and wonder what would have happened if we had even a decent offense. I remember watching games with friends, and we dreaded when the offense was on the field. We always joked Watson was keeping things vanilla to unleash all the good plays at the end of the year. Then they scored 33 or whatever it was against Arizona. Good times
  8. Yep. Both. The answer is both. And special teams. I would add to my post, but you did a good job summarizing my thoughts. Hopefully the drastic improvement happens
  9. I cried a little bit re-reading this thread
  10. I feel like when he was at UCF, he was more aggressive, but I could be wrong
  11. Having a couple pass rushers would help bullet points three and five
  12. Sacks are only one measure of getting after the QB. I watched the games. It's not a narrative to say that many of the QBs we faced had plenty of time in the pocket, waiting for receivers to get open. 27 sacks is decent, but if that's all, or close to all the times you pressured a QB, that's not very good.
  13. People want to view negativity and a one sided view of things? Okay, yeah, you're right. Nevermind
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