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  1. Yes, and those three we lost on the o-line is why we are where we are with the offense. Were they amazing? No, but they were better than what we currently have.
  2. This. It's year two, and the talent along the lines is not even close to where it needs to be to compete in the Big Ten. It's painfully obvious. Frost can only bring in so many new players each year, and unfortunately it takes more time to develop talent and depth on the lines. Most kids aren't physically ready to start on the offensive or defensive line right out of high school. It's going to take some time. It's just going to be really frustrating in the mean time.
  3. Wow. That is really bad. This combined with the offense, and it's going to be very difficult winning anymore games. That stat is almost unbelievable. 267 rushing yards per game? Wow!
  4. This is kind of my thought, but I do wonder what the offense and defense would look like with better lines. I think the offense would be okay, but I'm still not sold on the defensive scheme. The defense needs to be able to stop the run in spread and heavy formations. I don't see this scheme doing that. It definitely didn't against Minnesota.
  5. The lines aren't going to be fixed overnight, or even in a couple years. I put 2023, but this is assuming the line recruiting gets better, and the right person is in place coaching them. I am not sure we have the right coaches in place to coach up the offensive and defensive lines.
  6. Let me preface this by saying, I am not sure about the title. It's probably misleading; I just don't know a better one that isn't a sentence long. If anyone does and can edit it, please feel free. This post is pretty long, so if you want to get to the main question of the post, scroll down to the bold text. I will admit I was wrong. Adrian isn't and never was the problem. I think the easy thing is to blame the QB when the offense struggles, and I unfortunately fell into this category of thinking. Was he playing bad? Maybe, but that can be traced back to one problem: the offensive line. From the bad snaps, to zero time to process information, Adrian wasn't given much to work with. As a QB, what are you supposed to do when you get the ball - or have to track it down - and there is someone immediately in your face? I think both Noah and Adrian would be fine QBs if they had even a decent on-line. (I think Adrian has a much higher ceiling). So, the point of this post is to ask the question: what can Frost do to help the obvious o-line deficiency? What plays can be called to move the ball and put points on the board? I'm pretty sure there are some coaches on this board, so I'm just curious what others have to say. I would say I know more about football than the average fan, but I am definitely not a coach, and I'm sure other fans know way more than me. Personally, I thought the I-formation worked pretty well against a much more talented team, but we haven't seen it much since then. It seems Frost has a lot of different plays to call from it, and it's definitely different than any I-formation I have seen in the Big Ten. The players also looked like they were executing it well, and it looked like the players were gaining confidence using it, and things were clicking. I'm not saying to only use this, but I do think it should be used more, especially early in the game.
  7. Nope, and from what I saw (I wasn't watching him every play), he held his blocks pretty well. The two guards and tackles on the other hand..... Yikes
  8. So, it's going to take take time to get better players to beat......Minnesota? Is that where we're at right now? Nebraska has had better recruiting classes than Minnesota, so I don't really get that argument. At worst, the talent is similar. I can confidently say that Minnesota doesn't have 34-7 better talent. One team was well coached; the other team was Nebraska. I'm not out on Scott Frost, but he made a mistake bringing his whole staff from UCF. The Big Ten is not the AAC. The Big Ten is full of good coaching, good defense, and toughness. I honestly don't know what the best answer is now. Fire all assistants and hire the best available? Fire some of them, and hire better replacements? Keep the current assistants for continuity's sake, and hope that they can get better? I think it's going to take more than better recruiting classes. There is talent here, but the coaching isn't there. This is clear from the undisciplined play, inconsistency from week-to-week, and penalties. Hopefully Frost can figure it out.
  9. They actually did this tonight
  10. I think the main thing Vedral does better is process information quicker, because he knows the offense so well. I think Martinez has a stronger arm, but can't really comment on accuracy, as I haven't seen Vedral throw enough.
  11. This team has consistently effed up this year. They are good for two to three turnovers a game, and penalties at the worst time. Maybe he or she is just basing it off this team's trend?
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Northwestern's offense comes alive in this game. Huskers seem to always bring out the best in opponents. (Probably more of a knock against the Huskers than anything). I expect the Huskers to turn it over two or three times to make it close. Honestly, I'm not sure which team I am picking yet.
  13. Flexbone is the offense a lot of the academies run. Paul Johnson also ran it at Georgia Tech. Maybe I'm in the minority, but it's a really fun offense to watch if it is done correctly.
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