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  1. The biggest effect this would have would be on sports with only a 2 class system. In sports like soccer, baseball, schools like Skutt and Pius do very well every single year. Meanwhile, most of the OPS schools struggle. Those schools I mentioned already play higher competition, so why not have the state tournament with the best competition? I could see scheduling being a problem if schools moved around. They would need a say 3 or 4 year period, them get reevaluated and moved accordingly.
  2. My mother in law is also a realtor if you want that info as well. From my experience living here for 6 years, you will want to live south of O st. Commuting in Lincoln is terrible no matter where you live, as there are no express streets or anything similar. Having said that, even if you lived in the complete opposite direction, commuting shouldn't take you more than 30 mins. In my opinion, I would rather live closer to things like grocery stores,movie theaters,etc and travel further for work. Most of the good things in lincoln are O st on south. For education, the better high schools, East(best academic), Southeast and Southwest are south of O St. I live in the College View neighborhood, which has affordable housing, 150k-200k range. I love the neighborhood as it is basically right in the middle of lincoln, easy access to anything.
  3. I graduated from CBA almost 4 years ago now, and I never had an experience like this one. Your friend must have a crap professor. My capstone management course consisted of class discussions during lectures, case studies with class discussion, and a group project, where we had to create a business plan from start to finish, and then present and defend the plan to the class. I had maybe one or two bad CBA courses, but nothing resembling a 6th grade English class preparing for a vocab quiz. Maybe things have been dumbed down in 4 years?
  4. I'm just going to say it. Go get Dave Arsenault from Grinnell, or Gary Smith, the old Redlands College coach. At least the games would be entertaining.
  5. Dear Wisconsin, You're Welcome. Sincerely, Nebraska
  6. 1. Throw some quick slants. Taylor could have had those all night, and those should be easy throws to make. They don't take long to develop, and then you can get Turner, Bell and Enunwa in some space and at speed. 2. No more Blatchford....which would probably help stop those big gains via rollouts. 3. Kinnie is allergic to the football 4. LBs except David aren't too good.
  7. So sick of this transfer saga. It needs to end. He will just provide depth to Barca. They have better players in La Masia and on their bench already...like Thiago. I don't think they should be spending 37 million on him. I'm also ready for Financial Fair Play to come into effect. As much as I love the transfer windows, having Barcelona spend 70-80 million and only sell 10-20 million worth while they are 600+ million in debt is just ridiculous. Also, the valuations of these players out of of control!
  8. I created one this past spring for the soccer team I coach. I used a daft punk song, and our theme was: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
  9. Let me just say...Abbiati is terrible. Wow.
  10. thank goodness!! last month I was about to get windstream just for espn3, but the were priced a little too high for me, so I had to sulk over to TWC. I don't have cable TV, just the internet, so espn3 will be a godsend
  11. If I manage to get up to the game(which I should, return to my homestate) I want to bring a sign that says "You're Welcome" Wisconsin was a horrible athletic program as a whole until Barry went to UW and turned the football team around, and then the rest followed suit. I've talked to alumni from the '70s and '80s and they were the gimmie game in every sport.
  12. Love it. Got Robinho and Ibra for a total of 39 mil euro, when last year they were acquired for near a 100 if i remember correctly? I was hoping Milan would get Grosso as it was planned too, but that fell through. At least there is no more Kaladze!!
  13. Holy crap its all falling into place! I could be getting my wish! The only way this could get better is if they bought another defender... An attacking force of Pato, Ibra, Robinho, with Ronaldinho and Pirlo feeding them...I'm salivating. I hope Zambrotta comes back quickly, or they find a deal for a defender, because they will need another one. And Berlusconi is finally spending money again! Halleujah! Took him two crappy years(by Milan standards) to understand that again! I was impressed by Milan's performance, Allegri had them playing inspired football.
  14. Yessss!!!! Now just another defender or two! Well now I've heard that they are also courting Robinho if the Ibra deal falls through...personally I'd rather them have that order switched. Robinho first, Ibra if it falls through. I'd be fine with either though...
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