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  1. Sparker


    I'm gonna guess 1957
  2. WTF did I just see? Are you recording a horizontal phone with another phone in portrait mode?!
  3. If we end up 5-6 I bet you'd see the benefit.
  4. 12-1? lmao who is going to beat us?!?! GTFO with this pessimism
  5. Based on his comments I doubt he even knows the teams used to play each other.
  6. I don't claim to know anything, I am speculating. You come around and spout your opinion like it is fact non stop. If you read what I wrote I very clearly weighed some of the pros and cons to both approaches.... BECAUSE THERE ARE PROS AND CONS TO BOTH APPROACHES.
  7. No, the point is we don't, and we won't. Talent like that is rare.
  8. lol you're the expert lol Just get more Tommie Fraziers lol, every year lol, just get a new one, good call im dumb
  9. Because there are enough other missing pieces on the team in this transition year that we may not gain much from playing him. Perhaps, even though he is the better guy saving him makes the most sense in the long run. The ceiling isn't that very this year. Transition year. New coach in every position. Really tough schedule. I would understand either way Frost goes here. Get the best guy in place and play him, or teach him up and save some eligibility when he is closer to his prime. It's not hard logic to follow, really. Just depends what Frost wants to do.
  10. I agree with your logic, but as a fan I think this season will be more fun to watch Martinez play, even if it doesn't get us any extra wins with the death schedule. I know it's short sighted, but I'm greedy I guess.
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