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  1. Todd Monken (HC, oc at Oklahoma State last year) isn't afraid to throw the ball around either.
  2. Got curb stomped tonight by BGSU. Green went 17/34 for 172 yards. Lost 34-7.
  3. Was wondering if someone could help me out and put these two pictures into a sig for me. I'm not very computer smart for this stuff, help would be greatly appreciated. Just Lavonte Just Taylor Thanks in advance.
  4. Chris Sailer Kicking rates him as the number 2 kicker in this class. Profile
  5. Player: Niklas Sade Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina Position: K Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 lbs Scholarships: Nebraska, North Carolina State Committed to Nebraska Scout:
  6. According to a Hastings news station he committed.
  7. Need to cut the guy a little slack. Hes going to be pretty good, Oregon, Arizona, and UCLA were all close to offering. Also Notre Dame and Oklahoma were getting more involved with him. Hes legit and a very physical player. Can play corner or safety. This is a great job by the staff targeting him early on and getting a commit. Within a month or so he would have had a lot more offers since he light up a recent camp he was at.
  8. Dont think Givens would have started here last year....he is a holding machine. Every game I watched of Colorado last year he had like 2 holding calls per game. Marcel and Mike are better than him, and this year Marcel and either Hardrick or Sirles are better than Givens. Hoch he would have had a shot to start at RG here, but Robinson would have been a starter here last year. But watching Givens play last year, I'm thankful he isnt here. He would have made the holding penalties go way up( and they were already sky high without him).
  9. Big time schools? Iowa? Wisconsin? Psh. I'm not worried. If the coaches offer him he is N. For offensive linemen, Iowa and Wisconsin are pretty big. Not many schools are better at producing offensive linemen, which should also say how good Sterup is if they offer.
  10. Pretty sure Simi Kuli never played a down of D1 football. Believe he signed with Oregon State but never qualified. So losing him really wasnt that big of a deal.
  11. Rumor going around we got 2 DL commits from a fellow commit.
  12. That'd be my list as well. Well said. I agree great list but it's to short Norton Rasco Coe Hankins would be be ok additions to the list Think after those 5 I'd have Hundley(nice second QB commit, looks like a Cody Green clone), Desmond Rolland(looks like a solid athlete), Zach Sterup(looks like a solid instate kid who could play the RT spot in the future as long as he doesnt get taller), Cole Fisher(Heard hes better than Sean, just hope he recovers from his ACL), and TK Fleming(looks like he could be a solid safety in a Bo Pelini defense).
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