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  1. I mean, in school, an F can range from 0-60.. So it's not really all that unusual.
  2. I have very little faith that either of those two are who we need to run a high powered offense capable of winning the B1G. Here is to hoping Frost is able to get some speed at the QB position.
  3. I could imagine a few different scenarios. 1. Sometime next week 2. Sometime the following week. 3. Sometime next year.
  4. We all wanted him to succeed. It's unfortunate he didn't. But that's the nature of the beast.
  5. It's supposed to be pretty warm the rest of the week.
  6. So writing is on the wall for this season. Win or lose on Friday, it's the last game of the season for this team. Let's send them off right. Regardless of what happens on the field. Regardless of the outcome. How amazing would it be if when the game ends, Memorial stadium is a packed sea of red and the entire fan-base is on their feet clapping. "Through these gates pass the greatest fans in college football" Let's prove it on Friday. GBR!
  7. I agree. I'm excited for change as much as the next guy, but this is pretty distasteful; see douche canoe level douchiness.
  8. So a lot of people are hoping that Frost is named the next head coach, myself included. But regardless of who the next coach is, what is more important to you? What aspect would be number 1 priority for you? Feel free to be as broad or granular as you please. For me, it's a dual-threat QB. As painful as Riley's first two seasons were, my favorite aspect of Nebraska football has always been an explosive QB with speed on the ground. Tommie Frazier, Scott Frost, Eric Crouch, Taylor Martinez, Tommy Armstrong. I loved watching those guys plays. You have guys like Joe Ganz and Zac Taylor who were damn good quarterbacks, but they're not the guys who you think about when you talk about exciting Husker QBs. What's number 1 on your wishlist?
  9. They've looked like the better team since Riley joined the program.
  10. We were still a respected team in college football all those years. Regardless, it's a bulls#!t comparison to make, as the others have pointed out. You're basically saying that Mike Riley should be given a pass because everyone who was ever successful was unsuccessful first. That's not the way the world works. You're given opportunity to prove yourself, and if you can't make a convincing argument that you're worth a s#!t, you're gone. The vast majority don't think Mike Riley is worth a s#!t when it comes to coaching college football.
  11. I don't understand your point unless you think it's unholy sin to speak both names in the same sentence. Also Osborne literally hired Pelini.
  12. Collected the results of 12 other teams to compare from 2004 thru 2016 seasons: Teams Seasons Total AP Top 25 Finishes Nebraska 13 5 Wisconsin 13 11 Penn State 13 6 Michigan 13 7 Ohio State 13 12 Oklahoma 13 11 Texas 13 7 Colorado 13 1 Miami 13 4 USC 13 10 Florida 13 8 Alabama 13 10 Notre Dame 13 5
  13. I think it's really telling that our last three coaches have coached 14 seasons, we only finished ranked 5 times in that time frame, and 4 of those 5 times was 20+. I realize times have changed. But it's just fascinating that Tom Osborne was able to go 25 straight seasons ranked, the vast majority top 10 and many-many top 5. It'd be interesting to know that stat for schools like Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Michigan, Florida, Miami, etc. Get an idea of how it compares to other "down" schools, as well as compare it to schools we consider successful over the last decade or so.
  14. Not sure why, but everyone enjoys looking at that little number next to their teams name on the scoreboard. Something about it just makes you enjoy watching that team more. When trying to find a game, the average person will settle for the first game containing a ranked opponent. Coach Seasons AP Ranked Finishes Notes Bob Devaney 11 8 Only top 10 teams ranked until 1968. Top 20 after that Tom Osborne 25 25 AP rankings expanded to 25 in 1989. Frank Solich 6 5 Bill Callahan 4 1 Bo Pelini 7 4 Bo Pelini's real name is Mark Anthony Mike Riley 3 0 Feel free to share other statistics of interest. I'll add them to the OP.
  15. Don't forget to completely whiff everyone once in a while. Also, try to look slow and weak in order to blend in with your teammates.
  16. You should expect to see a full stadium at the start of the game and possibly a half empty one by the 3rd quarter.
  17. None. I don't blame Mike Riley and I'm definitely not mad at him. He wasn't the only one to think he'd do better than he did. The only thing we can say is thanks for giving it a try. The blame falls on Shawn Eichorst. Based on all the information released about his coaching search, including his own admission, the guy is incompetent when it comes to hiring a football coach. I'm happy that he is gone. I think Bill Moos is the right man for the job. Everything eh's said so far has been spot on, in my opinion. Hopefully he doesn't let us down!
  18. Is to hire someone that is currently available. Our guy won't be available until the end of November. Everyone needs to calm down. Quit acting like a bunch of whiny babies who need their pacifier. Unless someone can bring up a good reason to fire Mike Riley this week as opposed to in 2 or 3 weeks?
  19. Watching the Penn State game is the equivalent of watching ISIS videos. I just can't bring myself to watch it.
  20. 1962 team was a good team. 1961 was the bad one. @op
  21. Doesn't matter. And because it doesn't matter, might as well wait. Whether or not Riley is fired or not doesn't stop Moos from having the conversations he needs to have. Let him finish out the season and let's hope for a Frosty Christmas!
  22. Still isn't a reason to announce him gone. Let him finish out the season. Announce his firing that Monday. Announce Scott Frost on Wednesday. The fan base rejoices. Until then, continue to wear that paper bag, boys. Because this Nebraska squad is nothing to be proud of.
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