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  1. Requirements: High moral character Involved in charitable work Won conference championships Won national championships Won Heisman NFL experience Very familiar with the media Would NEVER be turned down for a recruiting home visit. Your next head coach: TIM TEBOW
  2. More like $4.50. It's only 37 cents outside of SEC country.
  3. The SEC network starts in August 2014. They'll reportedly charge providers ~ $1.30 per subscriber in SEC country, only $.37 outside of the SEC. That's the highest rate of any conference network (Big 10 at $1.00) Questions: Would you like to see Time Warner or satellite provide serve it up? Would you want them to pass along the fees if they did? Would you ever watch it? Obviously, as a Mizzou fan, I'd want it and I'd watch it. But I think a substantial number on non-SEC fans might want to tune in Florida/LSU or some other crazy Sat. night game..
  4. That truly sucks. Either the NCAA or Big 10 or ESPN or whoever, needs to give those broadcast rights to NET if they're not going to use them.
  5. Missouri State over Kansas State South Dakota State over Kansas.
  6. Virtually no one thought Josey would play this season. The docs who saw him the day following the injury said that hadn't seen a knee that bad even from car wrecks. Tore the ACL, MCL and patellar tendons and has had 2 surgeries, so far. He is running sprints at practice but nowhere close to the stops, starts and cuts of game situation. Last year in 9.5 games, he had 1160+ yards and led the nation in yards per carry with 8.1. Talented kid who may never play again. Kendial Lawrence had a terrific summer and a freshman from Arlington TX, Russel Hansbrough had a great summer as well. The offense may be "Throw it deep and let Green-Beckham go get it".
  7. Oh.. I know you all wish we were coming in late October. I think most of the new Adidas uni's are pretty ugly, opposed to the new Nike's.
  8. I could be wrong, but I think Jordan has played every minute of every set so far.
  9. Jordan is the best player on the #1 team in the world. That's all. Hooker had more points, but she also wasted several serves and... did you ever hear "Great dig by Destinee Hooker!". No, because she's on the bench rather than in the back court. Larson serves, digs, kills from the net and from back court and passes. Tremendous athlete.
  10. Thanks! I thought the NBC schedule was gruelling. It's amazing how much will be televised this Olympics.
  11. This chick should have made the London games. And 13,000,000 others agree with me. Gotta wait for Rio, I guess.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMgmYutL9W0
  12. Here's Kayla's blog, last updated today, 7/10/2012. An interesting young woman. I'd love to see her make the Rio Olympic games. http://kayla-longlive.blogspot.com/
  13. It was my favorite lunch spot. Hopefully it will be again.
  14. Two of the owners of Harpo's in CoMo are re-opening Barry's Actually, the plan sounds great. I've missed my favorite Lincoln eatery. KC BBQ and Nebraska Beer. http://journalstar.c...3dbe69dd50.html
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