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  1. Skers-42 ill-24 rushing-200 passing-200
  2. NU-0 wisky-0 passing-0 rushing-0 No contest, really.
  3. NU-38 OSU-31 Rushing-200 Passing-300 MARK MY WORDS.
  4. Tuff Tiger. How are you my man?! I still have the best GbR book.
  5. Grocery pickup. I don’t shop. They do it for me. For free.
  6. B

    1. husker B-rent

      husker B-rent

      Seriously pissed off. We’re better than this gents.

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Unfortunately we're not better than this. This is who we are and this who we've been for some time.

    3. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      JJ is correct. This is who have been for roughly the last 18 years.

  7. You guise. It’s gonna be a good day! Ribs are on super low and slow and ribeye and eggs for breakfast. Thinking we got a shot!

    1. ZRod


      Put my pork butt on an hour ago.

    2. husker B-rent

      husker B-rent

      Yes sir! Thinking about throwing a small butt on myself, kids prefer that over the ribs. Another 5 hours or so and mine will all come off the smoker and into the cooler. Couple hours after that...happy me.

  8. Nothing worse than getting your a$$ kicked by backups. Serious suck.
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