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  1. husker B-rent

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    You’re no longer my favorite poster man!
  2. husker B-rent

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    @Stone Cold how’s KETO goin for ya you ole sum bitch?! If it’s goin good give me a hell yeah!!
  3. husker B-rent

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    f#&%ing right! Outside of that bonehead an sneak on 1st and 11 offense looks better!
  4. husker B-rent

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    I’m personally not against this, I just got my boner back around midweek so I don’t want to think about losing it again already this early. The real question is which method of sacrifice do we use? Throw him into a volcano? Or feed him to the goats?
  5. husker B-rent

    *** Northern Illinois Prediction Contest ***

    NU-31 NIU-27 rushing-213 passing-247
  6. husker B-rent

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    Please don’t take our boner away...
  7. Alright I’ve calmed down. I’m all like Go Big Red now! 


    Whats up gents?

  8. Just finished game. Posting when angry drunk! Wtf was that!! 17-0 easy win. We f#&%in suck again!!!

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    2. Ziebol


      @HuskerInLostWages talking is all this team is good for.

    3. husker B-rent

      husker B-rent

      @Waldo @commando that was my best waterboy impression. 


      @krc1995 I’d say that was stage 2!

    4. Decoy73


      Give Scott another 2-3 years to flip the culture.  We won't suck then.  But, yes until then, there will be some suck.

  9. Who tf is meek mill?! Horrid.

    1. swmohusker


      He turns the noodles into pasta

      He turns tuna into lobsta

      Sometimes he acts like a mobsta

  10. husker B-rent

    Is there a score prediction contest here?

    Better odds for the rest of us!
  11. Didn’t say anyone wasn’t “worthy” but if getting along with your boss was an issue before then it was either the boss’s fault or your fault! Thems not good odds fella! Remove any doubt and just put down looking for a change in career path or something along those lines. That’s not lying, that’s just using a different truth. At at the end of the day we’ve all had bosses we didn’t like but not all of us put it on our applications.
  12. Teach it’s honestly more about the honesty that some people display in their applications/resumes that always make me laugh. Reason for leaving? Didn’t like my boss. Boss was a jerk. Etc. That’s always my favorite and it’s probably on 2 out of 3 applicants forms. I’ll never understand not having a better answer there. Makes me laugh and makes me not hire that person! As for biggest lies. Salary is the big one there. Once you’ve seen enough applications with prior work experience from a certain place you kinda get to know the going rate being made there. So when everyone else makes $40,000 at that establishment and you made $90,000 you’re either f#&%ing awesome or you’re a liar that I can’t hire!
  13. husker B-rent

    *** Colorado Prediction Contest ***

    NU-31 CU-24 Rushing-157 passing-301 MARK MY WORDS.
  14. husker B-rent

    Let Us Pray

    Good start to the season right there boys!!