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  1. Don and Millie’s, b bops, and Freddie’s in no particular order
  2. husker B-rent

    Anyone Watch This Game?

    Twas bulls#!t lass!!! Lots of penalties on one team but not the other. Chefs dominated that game statistically, can’t wait to whip em in the super bowl!!!
  3. husker B-rent

    Is this the most improved Husker team in history?

    Bahahaha, Cys back.
  4. husker B-rent

    Best Memegifs of husker football board.

    Tuff Tiger you’re the man!! I’ll pm my address!! Thank you sir!!
  5. husker B-rent

    Best Memegifs of husker football board.

    Holy s#!t. Pancake bunny and all. Now if he’d just find that husker silver book he promised to mail me 6 years ago!!
  6. husker B-rent

    On this day...

    My kid was born that day. Wife held him in til about 5 minutes after the game ended
  7. husker B-rent

    *** Troy Prediction Contest ***

    NU-45 Troy-17 rushing-359 passing-201
  8. husker B-rent

    *** Colorado Prediction Contest ***

    NU-54 CU-26 Rushing-322 Passing-221
  9. Sorry y’all my fault. I told myself all week that I needed to get the Husker flag hung before the first game and I didn’t make it before Akron so the game had to be canceled. I’ll try harder this week so that the Colorado game doesn’t get canceled. Again I apologize.

  10. husker B-rent

    *** Akron Prediction Contest ***

    NU-56 Akron-20 Rushing-320 Passing-220
  11. THanks man! I recorded the last episode!! Hadn’t watched yet!! Pretty good show though
  12. husker B-rent

    Pronunciation of words by Nebraskans

    High school girlfriends mom is the only person I’ve heard say warsh. Crazy bitch I tell ya!!
  13. husker B-rent

    Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Anybody else really wanting some chic fil a nuggets right now?