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  1. Posts like this show who has and who does not have a background in sales. You don't win every deal. The best sales people know their closing rate and get people lined up and get in that mention. Getting someone like this on campus when he has been committed to his hometown school for 7 months is huge. It is a win. Walk before you run. Just ask Dubs.
  2. Lewis - 80% Sarell - 25% Carr - 10% Holmes - 10% Shelvin - 5% Jackson - 2% DPJ - 0%
  3. They won't take cotton if he wants N. He is a plan B and is waiting to see what our plan A's do. Our DB recruiting is so good this year that guys we use to be glad to get are plan B's.Don't think that's correct. He's about the only safety they're recruiting right now. Along with the fact that "our DB recruiting is so good" would imply greater than 0 commits. They won't take cotton if he wants N. He is a plan B and is waiting to see what our plan A's do. Our DB recruiting is so good this year that guys we use to be glad to get are plan B's. Cotton is not a backup plan,
  4. The whole thing started as a troll from RSS back when the search was going. "Journalists" then ran with it and wrote it as fact. It then grew national and it seems Grobe has lied to himself enough to convince himself he actually did have an offer. There is a negative percent chance he had an offer. I'm sure TO spoke with Grobe, but there was no offer. Ever.
  5. Ha. That is rich. ... You think the nation thinks about Husker football? This is not 1995. They think about us as a laughingstock, yes. When you think about Nebraska you think about the team that just gave up 408 yards in 3 quarters to one running back. So yes, they do.
  6. I don't think Michigan should fire Hoke either. I mean, it's best for NU.
  7. Considering people say FSU is overrated, they would most certainly be saying that we were overrated.
  8. Yet you at and so many others are tuned in. If it's unwatchable, the numbers will dwindle and content will change. Until then, nothing happens.
  9. What if your only loss is on the road in a close game to the team that wins the conference and you never had a chance to play them or for the title on a neutral field?
  10. Interesting how this seems to be a one-way street for many. Nebraska comes back from 24 down against Michigan St.: They let us back in the game. Doesn't mean we're really as good as them. Wyoming comes back from 17 down against Nebraska: We are so bad Wyoming almost came back to beat us. Would you say that we did not let them back in that game? I would say we did. MSU letting us back in the game does not mean they shouldn't be punished for that. That isn't a one-way street at all, rather, being on different sides of it. As an MSU fan, I would be saying the same thing we
  11. Even better than this is the chorus of "should have lost" in spite of a miracle 98 yard pick 6 skewing the score and the fact that the finishing play by our marquee player prevented a tie as opposed to a loss. People, please... We won the bleeping thing. It's OK to let go of the masochism for a minute. In the final tally, our losses can hurt us- not our wins. Let's worry about getting more of them. It is no different than saying we should have won vs MSU. We fell on a fumble around midfield on our last drive that if McNeese recovered, could have set them up with enough time to get
  12. We have no conference champions yet. yes, but were will you find 3 SEC conference champions other than $$$$$$$ (oh I mean ESPN) You must have missed the part about not being able to factor in conference champions until after Dec 7th so the Dec 8th rankings could look way different.
  13. If TCU and Oregon win out, not necessarily. TCU doesn't have a CCG. What top 10 team would Oregon play in their CCG? I disagree, not because Oregon wouldn't play a top 10 team in their CCG, but if MSU wins, how do you look at 1 loss MSU and 1 loss Oregon and give MSU the nod? H2H has to be the biggest factor at that point unless something major injury wise happens.
  14. Oh, I am sorry. Apparently I am not allowed to comment on a post? And I'm glad that you are the decider of who has a poor opinion and who has a good opinion. You cannot name one pretty, higher voiced female that is doing PBP. Your posted said that if they only wanted "mannish" female voices in their broadcasts, people like Erin Andrews wouldn't have a job. However, that was nowhere near what Moiraine was saying. She said "It's like they think it's not acceptable to have a feminine woman who's knowledgeable about football calling the games. Apparently the only football-related job a woman
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