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  1. Those would be the years I was playing. Coincidence? I think not!
  2. Even in our worst years, we never tried to back out of a game with Oklahoma...or anyone for that matter.
  3. After looking at Luke's high school passing stats, I'm pretty convinced that he wasn't the project...the coaching staff was.
  4. I think Rambo wants to go where a QB can actually throw him the ball...
  5. Don't worry...you can still watch the Fiesta Bowl. Win or lose, our guys all get a free PlayStation 5. That's worth the trip!
  6. I heard that Frost was all ready to go to whatever bowl game invited Nebraska but then the First Responder Bowl called him with a bowl offer. When he heard he'd be facing Louisiana, he opted out. Funbelt teams are unbeatable...
  7. Great...I volunteered for 2nd shift so I could watch the game and then the time gets switched... Your conference sucks.
  8. That's what I was thinking. Kansas could use the money, plus they have a center that hikes the ball over the QBs head ever higher than yours does and with alarming frequency. Nothing like drubbing Kansas to improve morale
  9. Clapping...media time outs...am I missing anything?
  10. Game is going to be cancelled anyway. Apparently the biggest snowstorm mankind has ever seen is going to wallop the east coast on Thursday,...ending life as we know it. of course, in the Midwest we would call that a "dusting" of snow.
  11. Raw talent...yes. Developed talent...no. That falls on the coaching staff. Iowa State starts one senior on offense. They have an OL that features two red shirt freshmen. Would you pick the Iowa State offense over the Nebraska offense? They started slow, what with lack of practices, but over the season, they have corrected mistakes and are now playing at their peak. Nebraska, at least on the offense, is still committing the same dumb mistakes they made at the start of the season. That's all on coaching. Player development is sorely lacking. you have th
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