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  1. I'd bring back Willie Harper and Monte Johnson because the Huskers need LBs and...I would also bring back Danny Noonan and Junior Miller...because the Huskers need a D-lineman that can fit in his shirt and a tight end that can catch and block and Todd Frain so I could laugh at him because I already brought back Junior Miller so Todd would never get to play.
  2. I need your support in my campaign to become the head guy of all of NCAA football...here are my campaign lies...uh...promises 1. There are too many bowl games. Does anyone really want to watch a bowl named after a square cheese cracker between a mediocre 7-5 team and a 10-2 powerhouse (besides me, because you might have figured out I'm talking about Iowa State and Notre Dame...and I shut it off at half time because, frankly, I didn't want to watch it either). The answer is a resounding NO! I propose to take care of this problem by restructuring the ridiculous playoff system the present boneheads have in place. At the end of the season, the top 30 teams in the nation (as determined by the AP or Coaches poll of whatever) will face off. #1 vs #30...#2 vs #29... for 15 head to head matchups. The next round will be 7 games with the highest ranked winner from the 1st round getting a bye. Then a semi final based on remaining team ranks followed by the final. All games will be held at the higher ranked teams home stadium. Why should people from Nebraska have to spend all their money going to Pasadena to play USC if they are ranked higher than USC. Let those idiots come to Lincoln in December and spend all their money here. Barring a new playoff system...I will demand that all bowl games take place in open stadiums and that half of the present bowl games be relocated above the Mason Dixon line so we can watch those fantastic athletes from Alabama and Florida play in the cold and snow. 2. There will be no more replays. Real refs have been screwing it up for years without replay helping them...and they are still screwing it up only with twice the people getting twice the pay. Replay actually causes cancer and increases obesity as more and more people go out for a smoke or grab a snack while waiting for replay officials to watch their 1956 Magnivox and determine that they don't really know what happened so they'll just uphold whatever. Replay will be banned from college football as a public service to America 3. Some terms will definitely be gotten rid of. The "Did he make a football move" after a reception is the first one to go. Football move? Like...spike the ball? Put on a jock? The hell does that term even mean? Either the guy caught it or he didn't! When you eat do you get your meal taken away because you didn't make an eating move? If you get someone pregnant does it not count because you didn't make a fornication move? Stupid term...to be removed immediately. 4. If the ball breaks the plane of the goal line the ball gets 6 points.but if YOU want 6 points, you need to get your fat a$$ over the goal line.or you get to try again. That is just a few of the changes I will be making as Head of Football Operations for the NCAA. I thank you for your support
  3. This suggestion is so astoundingly stupid, it literally made my head hurt. No contributions? No stats? Who do you think the guys who make the contributions and stats hit every week at practice? The kids from Our Sisters Of The Poor? These guys come to practice every day...play human tackling dummy...and go home. They have a job to do. Prepare the starters for the next opponent...and they do it. That's a pretty big contribution I'd say. But hey...if you would rather put the 2s up against the 1s all summer or would like to throw some recruits that show a lot of potential into some live scrimmages before they acclimate to Big 10 level ball...be my guest. That should help with the depth situation a whole lot...heck, if they get injured and can't play, you can just yank their scholarship and give it to another body. "Sorry kid...you're not contributing or putting up stats from the hospital bed so we're pulling your scholarship. Don't worry though...we've been in contact with a couple schools who'll take a chance on a player who suffered a concussion and a torn knee ligament during the Spring Game. They are willing to let you walk on..." Where's the Excederin...?
  4. Stars...bah! The only "stars" that used to matter were how many you could make the other guy see when you smacked him in the head with a forearm. we didn't even have star ratings. Oh, sure...every team had their designated "star" player...the big stud who was going to run all over you...but that was more of a target than an honor. 22 guys piling on and cheap shotting you for two hours was your usual reward for being a "star". i think that was how Nebraska used to get the great players in the recruiting battles. Instead of looking for season opening, over-hyped players, they grabbed up the under-hyped survivors at the end of the year and developed them. Oh...and my dad said the Nebraska recruiting class this year was disappointing...and he's watched football for 70 years so he's an expert.
  5. Its Campbell...not Rhoades. Iowa State went 3-9 in Matt's first year as head coach. Since then Year 2 - 8-4 Year 3 - 8-4 Year 4 - 7-5 Big 12 Coach of the Year - 2017 & 2018 Three straight years bowling Funny how weak the Big 10 was back when Nebraska was in the Big 12 but instantly reversed when Nebraska jumped conferences. Frankly...at this point and with this staff, Nebraska is hard pressed to win in either conference.
  6. Well...we lost a 1000 yard rusher...a 1000 yard receiver...a starting center and tackle...two starters at LB and 3 starting DBs then lost our new center to an injury in the first game. Started a Sophmore QB, a freshman feature back, a sophmore TE, a freshman center and a sophmore MLB along with a host of underclassmen all over the field. The seniors on the team were all Rhoads recruits...whose coaching talent would be on par with Mike Riley I assume. Yet the Iowa State coaching staff made it work. Why can't Nebraska? Your recruits are supposed to be better...your facilities are better...you have more money. What's the deal? Just saying...don't make excuses about inexperience being a major contributor to lack of success. Other teams can, obviously, have success with the same lack of experienced players.
  7. Didn't Iowa Western have two guys drafted into the NFL last year? Anybody know now how to contact the head coach over there?
  8. I think you throw the lateral screens in the s#!tcan and stick with the option...which actually gained some yardage.
  9. I predict Ohio State wins the Big 10 Championship again...so who cares?
  10. Osbourn Ozzy though...not Tom. Think of the fun as The Prince of Darkness stumbles along the sidelines shouting "Sharon!" Halftime shows could be performed by "Blackshirt Sabbath". Man...there is no off position on my genius switch...
  11. Looks like my vote for Craig Bohl wasn't such a bad idea back in the day...
  12. I learned there were a lot of Pittsburgh fans at the game. I saw Steeler jerseys sprinkled throughout the stadium.
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