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  1. One of these teams is not like the others...
  2. Play whoever Baylor has on their schedule since they can't seem to be able to get their s#!t together...
  3. If you want to use your QB as your primary run game, that's fine with me. Guess that's one way to clear up a QB competition. First one with a broken bone loses. Get a fullback if that's the case...or better yet, put a TE back there to help lead block.
  4. I learned this was the first game of the season and looked like it for both teams. Defense looked pretty stout against the run. LBs looked surprisingly decent against the run but slow on coverage. Good hitting though. Secondary has no speed and needs a dose of mental discipline My big question about the offense was where is this running game everyone keeps talking about? QB draws and scrambles is not a running game. Actual running backs carried the ball 14 times. Combine that with a bunch of slow receivers and you have a pretty anemic looking offense.
  5. Hurry up and roll over already. Football comes on in 20 minutes.
  6. Crap calls are in this year....where ya been?
  7. Iowa State game starts in an hour and a half
  8. Reading Sooner football message boards. Haven't seen anything this entertaining since the Callahan days on Husker Board.
  9. I see what's gonna happen already... Big 10 will play one weekend, then some kid on some Big 10 team is gonna be in a car accident or something and die of Covid. There will be a huge outcry by the liberal press and all the soccer lovers and the Big10, along with every other conference, will be forced to shut down all sports until all sickness is eradicated from the earth... Thanks, you Big 10 d******ds...
  10. Cyclones suck yet again... That is all....
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