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  1. Strikeout looking, strikeout looking and striking out swinging. Top of the order down 1 in the bottom of the 9th and that’s the best we could do? Are they even trying?
  2. Ya it’s not like twitter accounts have been banned/suspended on Covid related issues because there’s only a one sided liable opinion and any opinion that went against it were then labeled as “disinformation” Twitter blocking a New York Post tweet about the Hunter Biden laptop a few months before the election which then turned out to be true 18 months later. Its not like a satire account was banned for over a Man of the Year tweet Or an account that would post memes showing the hypocrisy of tweets which was mainly directed at one party (democrates) and said account was banned without notice and warning. They did retrieve their account a few days later. To name a few You’re right, I must be mistaken though
  3. I don’t think anyone believes that Elon has this mentality of “f it just say whatever you want” or is rooting for that to happen. Believe me no one is rooting for that. There’s only one acceptable position on twitter, only one allowed opinion and anything that goes against the narrative, people are suspended or banned. This has to do with more about censorship’s than about free speech I think if you watched the video I linked above, it should answer a lot of your questions.
  4. Disclaimer…link does include language
  5. To the question you had asked me sure but the grammar correction was a different conversation which is what I’m referring too
  6. Lacks any rebuttal so they go after the grammar lol
  7. Rules that won’t be favored to one side of the isle now? Oh the horror
  8. What’s not to like about Musk? Almost two months ago people cheered when Musk sent Starlink satellites to Ukraine & now people are losing their effing minds because he wants to buy Twitter. Its quite funny watching all of the leftist who cheered for censorship lose their effing minds today because someone got tired of all the censor BS
  9. Seems like Frost didn’t take this job seriously
  10. In Elon We Trust

  11. Hahaha Iowa

    1. The Scarlet Pimpernel

      The Scarlet Pimpernel

      we wish we were in their shoes.

    2. huskered17


      Doesn't say much, having one of the B1G's top team's, going down that early.

      Guess I'm just old school. Always rooted against anyone we play in our conference, during the season, and pull for our conference at tourney time.



  12. But I thought it was RuSsIa DiSiNfOrMaTiOn
  13. Effort or not they didn’t win games…that’s what matters
  14. I’m ok with this. Would’ve been hypocritical to keep Frost but fire Hoiberg when both have nothing to show for especially Frost who’s got an extra year under his belt than Fred at Nebraska
  15. Notice how he didn’t invade under the previous administration? Putin waited til there was a potato in office
  16. Juwan Howard got ejected last year for getting into a heated argument with the Marylands head coach, his players started a scene after the Rutgers game this year and now this. Its pretty hypocritical of Howard to get upset with Greg Gard for taking a timeout with a late timeout when Howard has done the same thing in like 3-4 other games this year when he had a substantial lead & took timeouts under :40 seconds. Also Howard had two starters on the court doing a full court press against bench players during that time out…cmon man. If you’re upset that the coach grabbed you well then smack him and not a different coach…makes no sense at all. First thing I thought of was Woody Hayes striking that Clemson player. I know it wasn’t a player Howard struck but again you still struck someone in the face. I think it’s hard to see Howard retained after striking someone in the face. Also the Wiscy assistant doing the WWE “suck it” sign should probably get suspended a game
  17. According to Jay Foreman it was the worst kept secret in Lincoln about Adrian’s broken jaw When Adrian is entering weekly press conferences removing rubber bands out of his mouth, people are gonna start putting the puzzle pieces together. This whole thing is stupid to begin with. Unwanted drama that people are trying to stir up
  18. I liked the old look but I don’t mind the new look either. To be honest I wish he was holding up the shocker sign haha
  19. And those same people will not like your comment too lol How do you determine who’s a white supremacist if and when someone makes that hand gesture? I’ve seen several athletes and politicians make said hand gesture after 2017. They must be white supremacist right?
  20. I like the new look of the #1 but I still like the old look too. It’s pretty ridiculous how far this has been taken from a bunch of dweebs on 4chan glamouring that the “ok” hand gesture is a symbol that white supremacist use and then the media running with it.
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