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  1. Bo is a 100% correct How many First team All Big 10 players have Nebraska had after Pelini? How many players drafted after Pelini? This program started to become a laughing stock the day after the 2014 Iowa game when they fired our second coach that never coached a losing season with a winning record. Now we’re going on our 6th losing season in 7 years with the golden boy leading the program. This program has the biggest ego and think their crap don’t stink that instead of lowering the deposit for season tickets which would’ve helped sell season tickets are now doing BOGO to help preserve the sellout streak. I rather take Pelinis sideline antics, winning 9+ games and never losing to Illinois and Purdue than to watch Nebraska complete another losing season, 6 losing seasons in 7 years.
  2. I’m surprised people want Tom Herman here or to even bring him up in this conversation is just sad and embarrassing. Did ya’ll forget about this gem of his?
  3. Chili loaded with a lot of chili cheese flavored Fritos chips and shredded cheese. Hy-Vee cinnamon rolls FTW
  4. Didn’t Pelini lose his dad a few weeks before the 08’ Gator Bowl?
  5. Clearly overreacting…ah yes. Frost most talented team (he said it & we all agree) in year four and they’re sitting at 3-5, got beat by the worst team in the B1G, can’t get up for games and will be lucky to win 1 more game. Clearly we’re overreacting
  6. They’re not going to win 3 of the next 4 games. This team couldn’t beat a bad Illinois team and get up for a bad Minnesota team in a must win game.
  7. I was semi optimistic after the Michigan game, still upset with Martinez’s fumble even though I thought his forward progress had stopped. But to come out for a must win Minnesota game, a Minnesota team that isn’t very good, to play so poorly because you weren’t “up” for that game and a lot of the play calling took what little optimistic view I had with the team, shattered it into a million pieces and now I’m in full blown apathy mode. I don’t have enough “juice” to watch another game this year, I just don’t care about this team. We’re gonna have another losing season making that now 6 losing seasons in 7 years. The coaches and players just don’t seem smart enough to fix the mistakes they’ve continued to make from their previous games and years prior. I’ve seen enough from this all talk excuse making coaching and go find someone worth a damn that will coach a discipline and fundamental football team.
  8. It’s probably decision making on the offensive side of the ball. Do the players have trust issues with the offensive coaches? Could be why we keep losing some key players over the years on offense and why they voted against playing in a bowl game.
  9. What have you seen this year to believe we’ll win 3 more games? We’ll be lucky to win 1 more
  10. It’s Karma catching up to us for firing two coaches that never had a losing season
  11. 4th and the length of my willy at the goal line and you don’t line up under center? He’ll put a damn DT or Yant in at fullback and run it at them proving that we can be a physical team. That’s what cost this team the win today. You score that, momentum was diffidently on our side and that could’ve created the spark or boost this team needed. Two years ago we saw Mills line up at fullback, not sure who at RB and Martinez under center and we haven’t seen anything like that since. Does Frost really want to turn this program around?
  12. Wouldn’t bother me and if it wasn’t a Varsity game I would probably make some small talk with ya. I’ll usually talk to the guys or students running the chains during the lower level games if I’m on that side.
  13. My dad has been officiating since 89, my uncle since the 90’s and I’ve been officiating since 05. My uncle has done a State championship game in Memorial stadium while the furthest my dad and I have been was a semifinal game. I don’t mind it but when it gets to be the last game or two of the season I’m ready to be done. The constant b!^@hing from fans, coaches and players gets tiresome thinking we’re trying to screw ‘em over, missed calls and to be gone most of the day and not get home till 11 or later to only get paid $120 at the most sometimes isn’t worth it. I got paid $100 to officiate a varsity game down a man (he had covid) so there’s 4 of us and the game went into OT and got over at 10:30 College officials have it a little easier with having 2 extra officials, replay and not to mention they make like $3,000 per game. They honestly should add one more official to help watch the line
  14. Big Ten officials handed Michigan that win…I ain’t gonna lie. Disgusting

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    2. Redux


      They weren't going to make it overly obvious, but yeah....the refs are going to protect Michigan for the rest of the season.  If you wete ever going to bet on UN besting tOSU in a close one, it's this year.  They have the best path to a playoff now that Buckeyes have an L. Gotta keep the unscathed darling perfect if we can help it.

    3. Apathy


      @Redux that same theory could be said about Nebraska facing Iowa

    4. Redux


      *will be said

  15. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I got season tickets….it’s gonna be hard for me to find people to buy them now
  16. Firing two coaches that had winning records with no losing seasons will do that
  17. So glad I changed my name after the Illinois loss….pretty fitting right now
  18. For one the crew could get suspended or fired. I know this outcome may not be in our favor scoreboard wise but it could benefit future schools from having this officiating crew officiate their future B1G games. I don’t want to see that crew in future games Thanks Mavric
  19. I’ve seen this tweeted by fans but I haven’t seen any confirmation by those who actually work for HOL
  20. Laugh all you want about Greg Schiano but the guy has already rebuilt the bottom dweller Rutgers within a year something that Frost still hasn’t accomplished in year 4….YEAR 4. Take some time and check out Rutgers 2022 recruiting class and rankings. Spent a few years under Urban Meyer and is a pretty solid coach Both Penn State and Ohio State also came forward defending Schiano and stating that he had nothing to do with the scandal at Penn State. The national sports pundits absolutely obliterated Tennessee for how they handled the Schiano hire/fire and their overreaction to the social media hit on Schiano.
  21. One name to throw out is Greg Schiano
  22. With the current state of Husker football, I would like to change my name from Dewiz to Apathy Thank you
  23. Hello everyone, I like many of you, was all in on Frost but for me that came to a screeching halt yesterday. I turned off the game when Nebraska failed to get anything going on offense after Illinois marched it down our throats eating up 7+ minutes off the clock to go up 23-9, cause I’ve seen this show before. Now if Frost so happens to pull this season off escaping 7-5 (doubtful) and keeping his job he needs get ride of the dead weight. Said dead weight would be: Ryan Held - what has he accomplished since here? He passed up on Breece Hall to take Ronald Thompkins and Rahmir Johnson. Since Ozigbo none of our RB’s have accomplished jack squat Greg Austin - No much to say there. Both run and pass blocking have been inconsistent these past 4 years. Matt Farniok looks like a better blocker w/ the Cowboys than he ever did at Nebraska Mario Verduzco - What does this guy actually do? Martinez has regressed since 18, recruiting Luke that was clearly not a D1 QB and our best QB now plays at Rutgers who beat our the 2nd string QB that just beat us All and all I don’t see Frost surviving after this year and most it is due to the fact that he’s stuck at the hip with Martinez and refused to go after a transfer QB to push Martinez. I say throw the checkbook at Fickell or Campbell and tell them to fill it out.
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