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  1. Some very valid points in this rant


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    2. Dewiz


      Omg me too but I prefer message boards...guys who spend 50% of their day on message boards! 

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      IDK, I thought his rant was pretty reasonable. I’m not sure if he has said other things or has some sort of agenda but what he said in that specific rant makes complete sense. There may be some hot spots where it makes sense to keep it locked down some but in most parts of this country things have to begin to getting back to normal. I hadn’t heard that anyone was attempting to move the goal posts to “cure” before opening things back up. That is ridiculous for many reasons, the chief of which is we don’t know if there will ever be a cure. Keep the curve flat enough that hospitals can deal with it but, other than that, people need to work and businesses need to operate. Any other thinking is stupid. People that are scared and don’t want to go out can choose to stay home and cower. Nobody is forcing anyone to unnecessarily expose themselves. We’ve got to learn to live and deal with it until there is a cure or vaccine. Seems simple enough.

    4. Enhance


      This type of content toes the line of what should probably be placed in the P&R forum. Please continue the discussion there.

  2. Well my job finally wised up and is making us work from home

  3. During this Panic-demic gave me time to test my new speakers out. Ready Player One was pretty good, lots of bass especially during the race scene and end battle. The new Jumanji movie was meh but had some great bass. Need to test out Ford vs Ferrari soon

    1. NUance


      What kind of speakers did you get?

    2. Dewiz


      Power Sound Audio MTM-210 center channel with two MTM-210 towers and a TV3612 dual 18” subwoofer that’s tuned at 14hz with in room extension down to 9hz

  4. New speakers and subwoofer showed up today....on a Friday....the house will be rocking tonight. It’s gonna be a glorious day

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    2. swmohusker


      Put some Migos on those bad boys

    3. GSG


      This isn't your Facebook grandma

    4. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Stevie gets a plus 1 every time!

  5. The targeting call was the right call but that fumble was indeed a fumble

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    2. man eating mastodon
    3. Dewiz


      @hskrfan4life cause the defender came in lowering his head making contact with the crown of his helmet to the opposing players helmet. Pretty easy call to make IMO

    4. HuskermanMike


      If they had called it incomplete on the field I could see it standing. However, I did not see enough to overturn the call in that situation. It was too close and should have ended with the call stands and a touchdown awarded to Ohio State. 

  6. Are there any experts here on home theater subwoofers?

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    2. Dewiz


      My room size is 30’x16’ w/ 8’ ceilings. Have dual SVS PB-2000 that are not cutting it. It’s shakes but don’t get that thump in my chest. Looking at Rythmik FV25HP, JTR Cap 2400ULF or PSA V3612. Any other suggestions I’m open too. Looking for that “HOLY SH#T” factor

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      @ZRod but that's it's nickname...Subwoofer.

    4. Toe


      @Dewiz Hmm, I couldn't really help ya there. I always start from raw drivers, like show me the T/S params and I'll tell ya which one to get.

  7. This program sucks. Just allowed Iowa to beat us 5 years in a row. 

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    2. Dewiz


      4 losing seasons in 5 years and no sign of progression. This take is spot on it hurts

    3. ZRod
    4. Dewiz
  8. Yikes that Tesla truck looks hideous....was seriously hoping that Elon was trolling us but nope. Rivian has nothing to worry about. 

  9. Lots of tickets listed for $40 on Stubhub for the Wisconsin game. Apathy has shown its ugly face once again

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    2. BigRedBuster


      I'm committed to going because I accepted tickets from a business associate (that I can't back out of).  Then I realized it was opening weekend of deer season. But, I thought at the time...hey...at least it will be a good game to go too.


      Now.....I wish I would be deer hunting.  If it's a late game, I can hunt in the morning before going.  If it's an early game, hey...I could be home in time to not be tired for Sunday morning.

    3. teachercd


      I think they said it will be 11am or 230.

    4. 4skers89


      Deer hunting is a nice distraction.  I remember processing deer while listening to a loss on the radio.  Conversation eventually drowned out the game.

  10. 307 more days till Husker football starts

    1. commando


      starts what?   starts to die another horrible death?  starts to climb out of this hole they are in?   

    2. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      Starts to climb out of the hole, gonna suck though.  Even if we do better next year its going to take a couple years to climb completely out.

  11. So who’s ready for NCAA Football to make a return?

    1. Atbone95


      This would be the best Christmas gift I could get by far. Not even joking. 

    2. Dewiz


      Yup just in time because holiday 2020 the new PS5 and Xbox Scarlet come out. Can’t wait

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      It'll be fun seeing Nebraska win championships again.

  12. No Blackshirt(s) was handed back in over the weekend...looks like “just ok” is ok with them

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    2. BigRedBuster


      That's exactly what you said.  You claimed that You and Troy Dumas are the only ones that are concerned about the Blackshirt performance.  Writing can be hard.

    3. Dewiz


      Again my point and main argument was about NO blackshirts being handed back in...again reading can be hard

    4. Toe
  13. This team is mentality and physically WEAK

  14. Got my wife and some friends talked into going to Dublin in 2021 for the game. Boy that weekend is going to be lit AF. Can’t wait 

    1. schriznoeder


      Dublin is one of my top-5 favorite cities. You're going to have a blast!

  15. The bonehead call of the day was putting Keem Green in the game with 5 minutes left in the game down by 41. 

    1. NebraskaHarry


      Meh. He is still gonna redshirt.

    2. BigRedN


      I agree Dewiz.  We could use him perhaps in a meaningful game of the four he could play.


      This was very stupid.

  16. They can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      That's been a problem since TO retired.

  17. Time to drop Dish Network. They just dropped Big Ten Network, FS1 and FS2 in the middle of Football season

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    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Didn't Sling drop BTN a long time ago?

    3. Toe


      @MLB 51 I don't think Sling ever had BTN, but they did have Fox Sports.

    4. jsneb83


      Dish didn't drop them, Fox pulled them

  18. How about that Gameday talk now?

    1. GSG


      Still more interesting than what phone you should buy

    2. Dewiz


      Someone’s salty

    3. RedDenver
  19. Had no idea that Dan Aykroyd was balls deep into UFO’s, ghost and Bigfoot. Joe Rogan’s podcast with Aykroyd was amazing

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    2. Judoka


      A lot of Ghostbusters wasn't acting on his part.

    3. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Come on guys! Dan has had FOUR ufo sightings!

    4. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      Well he was a ghostbuster so i would hope to god he knew a thing or two.

  20. Hmmm iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro Max. Decisions decisions 

  21. FYI if you're going to order the 19’ sideline practice climalite shirt, order a size bigger. My XL came in today and it fits like a med/large

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    2. Dewiz


      Lol it’s not that I swear. Ordered 2 XL shirts and the one fit perfect but the other one was way to small and short, you could see my belly button if I raised my arms. My wife thought that they sent me a youth size it’s so bad

    3. Decoy73


      I had the same issue with the Adidas Creator Tee XL size.  Lift up my arms and my gut is showing.  I'm planning on doing a lot of high-fives after touchdowns this season so this is an issue.

    4. Dewiz


      @Decoy73 ya I’m returning this shirt and debating whether to get the 2XL or get my money back. 

  22. Patiently awaiting for Adidas to drop the 19’ Husker sideline gear whenever that’ll happen. Got some money to spend

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    2. Dewiz


      @The Maudfather weird that the official Husker store doesn’t have these up for sale. Browsing through the Adidas polyester t-shirts it feels like not everything has been released yet. Those sideline practice climacool shirts look plain but the scripted Husker polo looks sharp.

    3. The Maudfather

      The Maudfather

      That's actually exactly what I ordered. I have a thousand block N polos, so I mixed it up this year with the red and white script Huskers. I imagine they'll continue to drop a few new items in the next week or two. 

    4. Dewiz


      Ya that’s what I’m thinking and hoping for

  23. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind - Neil Armstrong. Happy 50th Anniversary Apollo 11

    1. Toe


      *For a man


      According to Armstrong himself, at least. If you listen closely, other little parts of his words sound a bit cut off, too. I mean, it was the first live broadcast from the surface of the moon and all.



    2. HuskersNC949597


      Armstrong may also have been experiencing a most extreme case of jet lag and misspoke.  "A man" makes more sense grammatically, of course.

  24. I would rather have a heat index of 114 than cold weather of some ice and snow. Actually mowed in the weather...love it

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    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      You can simply wear more layers in the winter.  The only ways to escape the oppressive heat is hide indoors or swim.

    3. 4skers89


      I was back home quite a few years ago when it was 116 air temp, not sure what the heat index was.  I did a few hours of manual labor outside just to see if it was possible.  Really have to be careful in that kind of weather.

    4. Dewiz


      @JJ Husker yes I am lol. I love the heat


  25. Costa or Maui Jim’s sunglasses? Or is there another brand you prefer?

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    2. funhusker


      @man eating mastodonMaybe that is the upside to having crappy vision; I don't have to pay more than a few dollars for sunglasses :thumbs

    3. BigRedBuster


      Holy crap...batman.  I had never heard of Costa Sunglasses so I went and looked.  I'll stick with my $15 pair.  I now know they got their name because the Costa mucho.

    4. The Scarlet Pimpernel

      The Scarlet Pimpernel

      I've been wearing Oakleys since the mid-90s. I've tried other brands but I always return to Oakley. Of the two you mentioned, I prefer Maui Jim.

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