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  1. I’m gonna file this under a new helmet. I’ve never seen pockets/vents whatever you wanna call them on top of the helmet like that before. Also I’m sure he has lots of former teammates that play at Oregon St that he’s still friends with.
  2. Some positive news...I’m sure this is what those cryptic tweets Chinander and Austin shared are all about.
  3. I believe Mike Sautter addressed this on the Recruting Hour radio show/podcast last week with Mike Schaefer and Conner Happer. An guy on 24/7 who covers Alabama believes that Nebraska is the leader at the moment. I believe this will go down to mid fall decision.
  4. Some very valid points in this rant


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    2. Dewiz


      Omg me too but I prefer message boards...guys who spend 50% of their day on message boards! 

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      IDK, I thought his rant was pretty reasonable. I’m not sure if he has said other things or has some sort of agenda but what he said in that specific rant makes complete sense. There may be some hot spots where it makes sense to keep it locked down some but in most parts of this country things have to begin to getting back to normal. I hadn’t heard that anyone was attempting to move the goal posts to “cure” before opening things back up. That is ridiculous for many reasons, the chief of which is we don’t know if there will ever be a cure. Keep the curve flat enough that hospitals can deal with it but, other than that, people need to work and businesses need to operate. Any other thinking is stupid. People that are scared and don’t want to go out can choose to stay home and cower. Nobody is forcing anyone to unnecessarily expose themselves. We’ve got to learn to live and deal with it until there is a cure or vaccine. Seems simple enough.

    4. Enhance


      This type of content toes the line of what should probably be placed in the P&R forum. Please continue the discussion there.

  5. Here’s a new one EDIT: Tweet has since been deleted
  6. CB pick for Nebraska from Michael Clark an NC State insider
  7. Well my job finally wised up and is making us work from home

  8. You get EASILY offended and it’s f%&king hilarious. I post one tweet not directed toward you and you lose your marbles over it especially since he has Christian in his bio than TRY to mocking me about my speakers. Maybe during this pandemic you could grow some thicker skin bud lol Cheers!!!
  9. Says the guy having drinks in a packed bar in Atlanta.... Cool
  10. During this Panic-demic gave me time to test my new speakers out. Ready Player One was pretty good, lots of bass especially during the race scene and end battle. The new Jumanji movie was meh but had some great bass. Need to test out Ford vs Ferrari soon

    1. NUance


      What kind of speakers did you get?

    2. Dewiz


      Power Sound Audio MTM-210 center channel with two MTM-210 towers and a TV3612 dual 18” subwoofer that’s tuned at 14hz with in room extension down to 9hz

  11. This doctor tested positive for the Coronavirus and has been tweeting his symptoms everyday for the past 8 days. He’s only been taking Tylenol, Advil and Hydroxychloroquine. Says the flu he got last year was worse than the Coronavirus.
  12. Here’s a guy that got the virus, didn’t panic and lived. He’s also advising people to live your life day by day and to NOT panic
  13. This is a pandemic not a Panic-demic, everyone needs to calm down.
  14. New speakers and subwoofer showed up today....on a Friday....the house will be rocking tonight. It’s gonna be a glorious day

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    2. swmohusker


      Put some Migos on those bad boys

    3. GSG


      This isn't your Facebook grandma

    4. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Stevie gets a plus 1 every time!

  15. Watched this last week and couldn’t believe that I never heard anything about this case/murder especially everything the kid did and where he sent the parts too Netflix produces some very good documentaries
  16. Yup pretty disappointed to say the least. Haven’t been too impressed with Walters and developing guys.
  17. FWIW according to Sean Callahan, Joseph isn’t coming
  18. The targeting call was the right call but that fumble was indeed a fumble

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    2. man eating mastodon
    3. Dewiz


      @hskrfan4life cause the defender came in lowering his head making contact with the crown of his helmet to the opposing players helmet. Pretty easy call to make IMO

    4. HuskermanMike


      If they had called it incomplete on the field I could see it standing. However, I did not see enough to overturn the call in that situation. It was too close and should have ended with the call stands and a touchdown awarded to Ohio State. 

  19. Are there any experts here on home theater subwoofers?

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    2. Dewiz


      My room size is 30’x16’ w/ 8’ ceilings. Have dual SVS PB-2000 that are not cutting it. It’s shakes but don’t get that thump in my chest. Looking at Rythmik FV25HP, JTR Cap 2400ULF or PSA V3612. Any other suggestions I’m open too. Looking for that “HOLY SH#T” factor

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      @ZRod but that's it's nickname...Subwoofer.

    4. Toe


      @Dewiz Hmm, I couldn't really help ya there. I always start from raw drivers, like show me the T/S params and I'll tell ya which one to get.

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