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  1. That's why it's probably best to get as close to the source as possible . . . in this case Rand ---> LA Times --> Avik Roy Noam N. Levey is the same person as Avik Roy? Or did you mean that Roy just hunt and pecks his facts from the LA T rather than from the Rand report? Cause I don't have a dog in the hunt for the LaT's either. poopy paper
  2. What? People skew facts to their own liking. Preposterous.
  3. The Rand has spoken: http://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2014/03/31/rand-only-one-third-of-obamacare-exchange-sign-ups-were-from-the-previously-uninsured/
  4. That's why the Israel first crowd that pops up every four years or so are particularly annoying . . . Four years? It seems like they're always present. You don't have to be a conspiracy nutjob to realize the amount of sway the pro-Israel lobby has on our Government, they're one of the most powerful around. The idea that such a group exists disturbs me - a collection of people in and around our government that advocate so strongly and so successfully for the interests of another nation and pursue policies that often hurt our country just to benefit another. For what? The kooky religious beliefs of some end-time Christian fanatics? As atonement for an atrocity that we not only did not commit but that we put an end to? It's crazy. I know that sounds kind of anti-Semitic, or that's the kind of talk that you hear a lot of bigots push, but I am not one. Much (most?) of that lobby is made up of wacko fundamentalist Christians. I also have no issue with the state of Israel existing, I fully support it, every people ought to have a right to a homeland, security and self governance - and by that same principle I support the Palestinians as well. I'm even fine with some of the military support we've given them like Operation Nickel Grass during the Yom Kippur war - if we can prevent their annihilation we ought to and if it requires guns and planes then fine but the support we give them now...with their settlements and treatment of people in Gaza and the Westbank...it's unacceptable in my eyes. We've given them a blank check to commit all sorts of blunders and crimes that inevitably come back to blow up in our faces. At this point we should withdraw military support, no Arab nations are going to be invading them anytime soon and the "terrorists" they're fighting are ones they've created. http://www.merriam-w...ictionary/bigot Is it the Jewish or Christian lobbyists you are speaking of? Both groups have reasons to ask the US for support of the state of Israel. So it's okay if we blunder and bombast our way through foreign policy but woe to our allies that do the same. And it's not like the US isn't using the IDF as a way to enforce policy without actually involving the US military. As an example: Lebanon; repository of refugees for decades. Palestinian/Syrian refugees by the 100k's are in Lebanon. It's not just Israel to blame for that.
  5. Or parenting skills from said low life scum that doesn't want anything to do with either the woman or the child. His point of view may be that "she should have used protection or gotten an abortion". Why take personal responsibility for said baby. Not his problem. Callously, he got his.
  6. The US has been involved in the Middle East for a long time. I may be wrong but Qatar or Bahrain might be the only ME countries we haven't boinked around with. Then include countries in Asia and Africa; most of which that we've boinked were either Islamic or headin' that way. Oil or just to hit the Russians in the sack or what ever reason our government rationalized it's foreign policy is a great game to play. And in Charlie Wilson's words: we screwed up the end game. (not an exact quote)
  7. OK...I guess I'll be the one that doesn't know.....who is this? I PITY THE FOOL j/k I didn't know either until I realized it was AT DAYUUUUUUM, just makes you want to go up and slap the snot outa him
  8. Another mental health issue people seem to not mention: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/feb/20/disclosing-the-abortion-suicide-association/?page=all
  9. Cool Hand Luke. I believe a complete purge could be the most expedient way of attempting to rein in a government agency that doesn't like to obey it's leaders and the law. Of course, that could include many other government agencies too.
  10. If he makes it to Pakistanislaw he is a viable candidate for droneage.
  11. Is a mutation the same as evolution?
  12. Thanks for the video. GBR
  13. Wait just a cotton pickin' minute! You're tryin' to tell me you were entertained. How dare you Sir; please complain about something. Symbolism, hyperbole, metaphors, something. You must have seen the hidden meaning of the Star Trek chick grillin' chewbacca sirloins, NRA members not killing everyone in sight so they didn't skew the FBI figures. Something. Or were you like me; just escaping reality in your TV room and relaxing just a waitin' for the real Apocalypse. da da dahhhhhhhhh
  14. what keeps freakin' me out: stone cold killah keep re watching that episode
  15. It's a conspiracy for midterms. The website is working and everything.
  16. The local HB expert would most likely be skersfan. He's been riding for many years. He does lots of mountain biking up where he lives and down near sea level where I live too.
  17. New bosses same as the old bosses: http://www.kcra.com/politics/feds-accuse-sen-yee-of-wire-fraud-conspiracy-to-deal-firearms/25181428 http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/03/26/arrest-of-democrat-state-senator-leland-yee-throws-party-leaders-another-curveball/ http://www.mercurynews.com/california/ci_25267973/corruption-scandals-cost-california-democrats-supermajority-control-senate Granted, until someone is found guilty in court but some media love to jump the gun(so to speak).
  18. another point of view: https://www.census.g...04staxrank.html
  19. Anyone can argue till they're blue/red in the face. Everyone will find out whether they are right or wrong eventually.
  20. I think I'll go to a couple of his games this fall and take a look see. Take an LEO buddy along so at least one of us has a weapon. It looks like a pretty good school just N of where I worked at Riverside County Regional Medical Center. And I'll follow the rulz.
  21. I think it's kinda like any other debate, it's who is compounding the figures: http://www.cnbc.com/id/100824779 and what is being analyzed.
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