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  1. I believe that is the commit that was being talked about
  2. Sarrell Holmes Lewis Shelvin Greg Johnson Beal Slade-Matautia
  3. He's visiting but we're not currently in his top 7? The Top 7 list was from July 22...maybe things have changed.
  4. Interesting indeed - I think it changes nothing w/OSU's interest however, or his announcement on the 22nd. I would agree. If he chose to play with Martel and moved cities to do so, he's planning on playing with him in college. I hope Tyjon is not out for the year and can enjoy his final year of high school. He seems like a good kid. Man, he didn't just choose to go back to play with him. He also was going to have to sit out 5 games during his senior season... Quick question about him having to sit out...I've heard that too, but don't have any details. Bookie transferred from B
  5. There's a thread for this guy where someone suggested (guessed?) he has grade issues. No grade issues. He was purposely stopped recruiting due to attitude problems the coaches felt they identified while he was in Lincoln for his visit. They know more than us... full discussion in his thread. Did he ever visit? I can't see any reports he ever made it to Lincoln.
  6. "will take his five official visits and declare in November as he hopes to early enroll in college by January. Kemp has a 4.0 grade-point average." http://www.denverpost.com/preps/ci_28050366/fairviews-carlo-kemp-recognized-top-senior-prospect-2015
  7. He is listed as a recruit on Huskers.com
  8. Looks like he will be playing defensive back instead of linebacker.
  9. Mark Philipp was a trainer at Oregon State.
  10. The team that gets Bo needs to have room or the desire to take them...
  11. I think this a good summation from a poster on the rivals main board... "I think he's waiting for UTjr to make a decision on whether they want him or not, it's the only thing that makes sense at this point. *He wants UTjr *Dad must've thought UTjr wanted him *Dad tells Mike F that he's a vol and that they've informed Nebraska *Mike F tells RSS he's a vol *Nebraska coaches say dad hasn't told them sh#t. *UTjr tells dad to hold his fvcking horses because he's not their first choice *Dad tells Nebraska that all is well and he never told Mike F KBjr was a vol. I would imagine tha
  12. Enjoyed his visit. Brought his mother with him (a good sign). Still looking at the Ivy League schools. Coaches will figure out where he fits if he signs...either Interior O-Line or D-Line.
  13. FSU now has 3 QB recruits for this year. All 4 stars and ranked #8, 9, and 12 by rivals. I believe that not all of them will sign in Feb.
  14. Stated that we have 1 OT spot left and he would likely play right tackle at NU.
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