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  1. Benning mentioned “Coach Gill” by name just out of the blue with no context. That would be quite the shocker for a number of reasons including the fact that his boss endorsed him recently as the one who would lead Liberty into the FBS...
  2. Schaefer said it’s a 10 on the surprise meter this morning on Sharp & Benning. Gill would register there, but Mark Helfrich would too...
  3. Per Rivals, Martinez is scheduled to visit Missouri on 12/15...with their OC now taking the UCF head job, will be interesting to see if that visit still happens. https://t.co/U2J5is7XzG
  4. https://t.co/U2J5is7XzG Josh Heupel to UCF...
  5. I’m guessing when Lars Anderson tweeted “presser at 4pm Saturday”, he meant press release (announcement) at that time. Introductory press conference Sunday...
  6. Lars is a native of Lincoln and worked as a writer at the Journal Star https://www.si.com/author/lars-anderson
  7. Flash-induced inverted shoes for Wiscy game http://via.me/-5g3ybsc
  8. Played with Erwin Swiney, Clifford Brye, Jeremy Bender (Tay Bender's dad) and Trevor Johnson in high school and against Eric Crouch, Willie Miller, John Gibson, and Jon Bowling. Erwin was the fastest dude I've ever seen and strong as a bull. We kept Crouch in check our junior year but they still beat us. Played Millard North again senior year but Crouch didn't play due to an ankle if I remember right.
  9. Has anybody heard if Fan Day 2011 has been announced yet? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hearing Burton Burns or Tim Albin...fwiw Another name.......Jeff Sims at Fort Scott.
  11. I realize it's bleacher report but interesting nonetheless. Particularly the update in the last paragraph... http://m.bleacherreport.com/articles/566581-bo-pelini-if-lucky-les-is-a-michigan-man-does-that-equal-beauxs-tigers
  12. According to Brian Christopherson with the LJS, Bo said Gomes will play Thursday... Via Twitter: @HuskerExtraBC: Talking about Niles Paul's foot is so Sunday now, it's DeJon Gomes who has a boot on his right foot. He will play Thursday, Bo said.
  13. @TomDienhart I was told by a Nebraska source that Husker OC Shawn Watson has a second interview with Vanderbilt today.
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