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  1. Looks like Virgil's steroids worked. He flexed and took out everyone in the building!
  2. Hey guys. I've made two videos about Nebraska "Topics" (Bill Vs. Tom, and Sam Keller) and I've picked both of those. I figured that since you guys are the ones watching them, I'd let you all pick the rest. So, in other words, post who (or a certain topic i.e. 1997 Nebraska, Nebraska Defense) you think my next vids should be about, pictures of that person (if you have any), and the name of the song that you'd think would be appropriate. Thanks!
  3. He does realise he's in Nebraska, right? We were all born and raised Husker fans. We KNOW what football is, and just about every term he could throw at us, we also know.
  4. My new video is about Sam Keller: Sam Keller
  5. That would require a whole new video, and new upload to YouTube, etc.
  6. Alright, so I made a video comparing stats from the two coaches and put it on YouTube, I'd appreciate it if you guys watched it and let me know what you think. Video: Bill Callahan Vs. Tom Osborne or: QdJUuHSRWy4
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