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  1. Soft, soft, soft. And our OL sucks.

    1. Vince R.

      Vince R.

      Hot take: I blame the players. 

    2. Danny Bateman
  2. Horrible play call #1. Screen in 4th and 2. We havent run a successful screen since Osborne.

  3. Can't say he would have been any better. I don't think he's ever played center before either.
  4. Well, we should probably be 5-1, but we could just as easily be 2-4. Just wish we wouldnt have let that cum stain west of us beat us.

    1. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      I've got a feeling we'll get them back in 2023/2024....

    2. Redux


      Last year I was all about "we should have been....".  This year, we have earned every bit of a 2-4 record and should be thankful to be 4-2.

  5. I watched his film. Dude has a great burst and is a vicious tackler. I really didnt think he looked very slow, at least not in a 10-20 yard distance. Looks good.
  6. So, guessing 1:30 EST. Is he gonna have it on twitter or what?
  7. Definitely could use a gimme home game week 0 or 1 with the rest of that schedule.
  8. The more I watch his film I can see him as the walk up OLB/DE pass rush specialist. Don't think he would do well in coverage, but tell him to get the ball carrier or QB, and I think he could do pretty well. His short distance burst and quickness are pretty damn good. Don't care what his 40 is, he isn't gonna be running 40 yards much imo. And saw a couple highlights of him punting, so maybe could do that too
  9. I hope so. Barry has struggled with everything this year. He's out of position on running plays a lot too this year that I thought he finally got figured out at the end of last year.
  10. Honas is not playing good from what I've seen. Can he get better? Yes. But he has a lot to get better at. I'm just saying, if he can come in and win the spot, there is no reason he shouldn't have the chance. He's not a guy we have to worry about getting his body up to speed.
  11. It's pretty obvious, if he can learn what he needs to, he can play immediately here!!! Dude is a grown man physically already.
  12. Honest question....we are a week team mentally. FCS, get some swagger.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mrandyk


      I watch a ton of FCS football (and you should too!). Nebraska is not an FCS team. Probably not as good as NDSU, but that's about it.

    3. ZRod


      What's the question again?

    4. Vince R.

      Vince R.

      We don't have enough alphas on this team. When you have the alphas among other alphas, you win. This team has a bunch of nice guys who need to be prodded to wake up. 

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