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  1. Well, after taking time to cool off I've come to the same conclusion when i was mad....mwe f#&%ing suck and improvement is hard to see no matter what Frost says

    1. Loebarth


      lol... at least you're wearing your emotion on your sleeve. I'd say patience grasshopper but I think the majority are patience out... Bright side is however, there's only one direction to go now.. up Up UP!! Life too short, be happy and let the negative go!! :P:thumbs

  2. Ouedraogo is a liability

  3. How about future grad transfer starting qb?
  4. Help an old man. Why are kids holding up 4 fingers now?


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    2. C N Red

      C N Red

      @Redux oh, i can only hope


    3. commando


      they are all freshmen with 4 years left?

    4. VectorVictor


      It's the replacement for the Shocker. 


      And if you don't know what the Shocker is, go ask a Gen X or younger.

  5. Our "dynamic" offense is trash. Never thought i'd say it but our defense is better thsn our O. The O play calling is laughable. And if youre a WR i wouldnt come here b/c we wont throw to you. Embarrassing trash. Sorry Scott, u have til the end of the year, maybe

  6. Marshall was already getting ready for a game. Call em up
  7. Nothing to see here. Be at the 14 day quaratine period in a couple days. Proceed.
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