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  1. Nice to see theres still some delusional fans out there. After everything we've been thru I'm not sure how taking positive steps forward arent good enough for most. If you wouldnt be happy with 8-4 this year then i cant help you. I'm more than happy with 7-8 wins and showing positive progress that this team is changing for the better and i'm able to see with continued tutelage under this staff that we will be a team talked about in the playoff scenario consistently in the future.
  2. C N Red

    Offseason Camaraderie

    Ya, but those guys were at least compact and thick, Gebbia is lanky.
  3. C N Red

    Hunter Returns as Graduate Assistant

    I was wondering if this was coming. She was helping at summer camps this year when i took my daughter.
  4. C N Red

    Guy Thomas gone

    Ya, cuz nobody in colorado smokes
  5. C N Red

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    Media guide has him at 6'2", 225lbs. Looks pretty damn solid!
  6. C N Red

    Randy Gregory

    Weed is a hell of a drug. Just goes to show, just about anything can be addicting depending on who you are.
  7. I have some, but I promised my family a couple years ago that I would never do business again with anyone named Yeezy.
  8. If the only pitch you can throw is a fastball, you shouldnt be a closer. If you can throw a fastball, you can throw a slider. I put this game on Silva. Unf#&%ingbelievable.

    1. Cdog923


      But but but, he's been the closer all year! 

    2. desertshox


      well, you are partly right but almost entirely wrong. pitching is less about what pitches you have in your arsenal and more about where, when, and how you locate them.

    3. C N Red

      C N Red

      Kind of true.....but if all you need to do is look for a fastball your half way there. It takes away guessing whats coming and just making sure its in a spot you are looking for.

  9. Palkert has some nasty stuff!!!

    1. TonyStalloni


      Who knew Nebraska was a baseball state!

  10. C N Red

    Big announcement coming?

    I'd have a hard time seeing them put it where the parking lot is, and truthfully makes more sense where the track is. The coaches, other staff, big boosters, etc park in that lot. Where will they have them park if they put it there, across the railroad tracks?
  11. Psshhh.....a 4 minute mile. Try running a 10:40 mile like me. Now that's hard.
  12. So to no one's surprise, the guy who won the big Tiger bet is a complete POS.

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    2. Xmas32


      His story makes literally no sense.  He's either a runner for some big time bettor or a stone cold degen.  I don't buy the whole my first bet was an $85k bet on Tiger to win the Masters.  No way.

    3. BIG ERN

      BIG ERN

      Not just a bet, but a PROP bet. Major difference there. The guy doesn't even have the liquid assets to do so it sounds. Something doesn't add up 

    4. C N Red

      C N Red

      Ya, he's definitely a runner. Gets a % of the winnings for going and placing the bet and keeping his mouth shut about whose money it was.

  13. C N Red

    Fighting Erstads vs Creighton Games 25, 33 and 42

    Well, a little disappointed we really werent serious about winning this game starting Perry.
  14. C N Red

    QB Transfers

    I honestly don't see this offense being all that heavy of a reliance on running by the QB. It's an obvious pass first offense, and accuracy is important. I think Gebbia could have done well in the offense. I just think the writing on the wall he saw was AM is just as good/better a passer as him, a much better runner, and just overall much more dynamic.