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  1. Still tweeting as of Tuesday. Must have not known it was coming
  2. This is picture I always remember of him. Musta fell on hard times.
  3. Its hilarious how everyone is so worried about something like this. Most people have no idea what went down at UNO. It was either cut things and keep the school around, or shut the school down. Colleges are still for school right? And Nebraska's budget is WAY different than mess UNO had going at the point in time Trev took over. If he can raise money and football actually gets reasonable again, there will not be any sports cut b/c the football program can make enough at UNL to carry every other sport
  4. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/baseball/elkhorns-drew-christo-will-play-for-nebraska-baseball-instead-of-going-pro/article_0756c534-e3eb-11eb-bea3-27ebfadbafc9.html#tracking-source=home-top-story
  5. Huge!!!! Cristo gonna play for skers and not go pro!!

  6. Lets go Gauchos!!!

  7. Watching Metallica: Francais Pour Une Nuit never gets old!

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Excellent concert. You’re right, never gets old.

    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      I'm glad I saw them a couple times during that era.  Past their primes, sure, but still committed to rocking as hard as they could.


      1989 Seattle concert is still the pinnacle. 

    3. admo


      the metalica sound always kinda sucked..  but hey, you go dominate those 3 songs lol

  8. Absolute brutal schedule for a team that hasn't showed a heartbeat for about a decade.
  9. Well, after taking time to cool off I've come to the same conclusion when i was mad....mwe f#&%ing suck and improvement is hard to see no matter what Frost says

    1. Loebarth


      lol... at least you're wearing your emotion on your sleeve. I'd say patience grasshopper but I think the majority are patience out... Bright side is however, there's only one direction to go now.. up Up UP!! Life too short, be happy and let the negative go!! :P:thumbs

  10. Ouedraogo is a liability

  11. How about future grad transfer starting qb?
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