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  1. That and play next year. Cuz isn't nobody here now to beat you out.
  2. The sumb!^@h better have blonde hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Where in the F is "The Sock"?? Only one i trust
  4. That is easily one of the dumbest laws ive ever heard of.
  5. Heres where the adults need to let him know that football can beva great way to get in life where he wants for only a few years. He gets a degree and NIL can get him jump started to his future. With NIL, youre dumb if you dont use it to your future advantage.
  6. If i was Hoiberg i'd be trying to see how Fankie Fiddler is feeling.

    1. Decoy73


      If coach Mac hasn’t already beaten him to it. 

    2. ColoradoHusk


      I loved the way Fiddler played when Bell West and Millard North played for the State Championship last year.  Big time talent all over the court and Fiddler was scoring buckets.

  7. RIP Dylan Talley. The tradgedies in one family in such a short time is terrible.

  8. Man, what a struggle. Hope they figure it out soon.
  9. See Glantz was offered. I like him quite a bit, more than any QB we had on our roster last year.
  10. Might be more excited for Glantz.


    1. admo


      David Glantz, lead singer for Depeche Mode?  He's awesome


    2. admo


      My bad, David Graham.  I don't know hwo Glantz is.  Or is that Martin Glore? 


      I'm so confused :(


  11. Scott might have to take ST over. Beemer and Urb did it for years.
  12. If we get an OC who is also thr qb coach, we will have room for a full time STs coach.
  13. Well, it wont be Lincoln Riley. Looks like hes taking USC job. Crazy. Seems like a weird move
  14. Not sure about coaches but they better be looking hard at Rattler and also bringing Glantz in from IWCC.
  15. Still tweeting as of Tuesday. Must have not known it was coming
  16. This is picture I always remember of him. Musta fell on hard times.
  17. Its hilarious how everyone is so worried about something like this. Most people have no idea what went down at UNO. It was either cut things and keep the school around, or shut the school down. Colleges are still for school right? And Nebraska's budget is WAY different than mess UNO had going at the point in time Trev took over. If he can raise money and football actually gets reasonable again, there will not be any sports cut b/c the football program can make enough at UNL to carry every other sport
  18. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/baseball/elkhorns-drew-christo-will-play-for-nebraska-baseball-instead-of-going-pro/article_0756c534-e3eb-11eb-bea3-27ebfadbafc9.html#tracking-source=home-top-story
  19. Huge!!!! Cristo gonna play for skers and not go pro!!

  20. Lets go Gauchos!!!

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