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  1. huskersrule95

    Replacements for Miles

    He just agreed to a 5 year extension with Buffalo http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26265947/buffalo-agrees-5-year-extension-oats
  2. Crazy game. Can’t believe we pulled that off
  3. Wow. Going to OT. Did not see that coming at all
  4. Annoying Iowa fan. Talk about redundant!
  5. There have been missed/bad calls like there are in every game but I don’t see it close to being one sided on calls.
  6. Just said on TV that we have been outrebounded 30-11 in and Purdue has 16 offensive rebounds in 2nd half. Horrible
  7. huskersrule95

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    I really want TimMilesLoveChild or whatever his name was to come back since he was saying how great Miles is and how he should keep his job.
  8. Lol at any of the media people that still had Nebraska as a tournament team. Getting destroyed by a mediocre Penn State team
  9. FS1 if you are a glutton for punishment
  10. Remember when we were ahead 15-8. 15-0 Maryland run and now down 15-23
  11. Impressive 8 minute scoring drought, even worse than our normal awful scoreless runs
  12. huskersrule95

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I think they lost a few with coaching change but I believe they were expected to have a smaller class this year.
  13. I have no idea how this dumpster fire ofva team are favored in this game.