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  1. Dear Fellow Huskers, There is no place like Nebraska. That is a phrase I had heard so many times over my forty-year career in college athletics but never truly understood the meaning until I arrived in Lincoln nearly four years ago. How could I have fully appreciated Nebraska? To understand just how special this place is, you need to spend time here, meet our people, visit our cities and towns and sit in Memorial Stadium in a sea of red on a Saturday afternoon in the fall. I want to share with you that I am retiring as your Director of Athletics effective June 30. Lincoln welcomed
  2. These announcers love them some Arkansas players
  3. He clearly wasn’t listening to me yelling MISS MISS MISS!
  4. Nice 2 strike swing to score the run by Hallmark
  5. Looks like game will start on ESPN NEWS with this southern Miss and Ole Miss going long
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