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  1. Walmart is raising their base wage to $11/hour and offering paid parental leave. Almost zero large American employers offer this kind of leave. Hopefully other employers follow suit and this becomes the norm in America - we're the only major industrialized nation that doesn't offer this. American employers seem to punish families for having children. I always thought it was super weird.

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    2. QMany


      knapplc, maybe start a thread about paid paternal/maternal leave. I think it is an interesting discussion to be had. I don't know how I feel about paid time off that isn't earned and saved.

    3. StPaulHusker


      People need to realize that large corporations do not give a rats ass about their employees and anything they do positive isn't for their employees benefit and there is a negative side to appease shareholders.

    4. RunMickeyRun02


      So I talked to my wife about this last night, she still has friends stuck at the mart, said that yes minimum is increased but everyone's hours are being slashed and paid time off has been completely redone so that it is very difficult to accrue and even more difficult to use and impossible to use without threats and being yelled at.