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  1. Samuel Tom Holiday, a Navajo Code Talker who joined the Corps at 19 to serve in WWII, has died at age 94.  RIP, sir.




    1. darkhorse85


      Not too many of these special Leathernecks left.  Very instrumental in winning the war in the Pacific. S/F

    2. NUance


      Heh, that's a coincidence.  I was just thinking about the Code Talkers yesterday.  I was reading about the Hopi fifth world prophecy, and started wondering whether the Hopi language is more indecipherable than Navajo language.  The Hopi and Navajo tribes live in about the same area, in NW Arizona near four corners.  

    3. Husker John

      Husker John

      Image result for honoring Navajo code talkers  Thank you for your service !