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  1. We went to Boston in June. Ate lobster, watched whales, went to Fenway.  I look through my Google Maps month in review just now, and it's crazy how much data they have about you. They know everywhere we went, all the shops & restaurants, how far we drove, rode the train or walked, how much time we spent in every location. Everything. It's interesting and scary all at once.

    1. ZRod


      I'm pretty terrified with how little control we have over our personal information, as basic as the things you just listed. There are no more secrets, no more private lives. Technology is amazing,but terrifying.

    2. Atbone95


      .... to be fair, you have full control. Turn off Google Maps' access to location and data in your settings while you're not using the app. Boom, they have nothing. 

    3. funhusker


      ^^^at least a person can take comfort in "thinking" they have nothing....;)

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