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  1. Some of you may or may not know I have a website for Husker Football (see link below). Due to some serious health problems I might not be able to update or continue the site after the season ends. If anyone wants to make use of any of the info on the site, please feel free to do so. I’m just an old farm boy from Nebraska, with my computer training pretty much being what happens when you click this I used google for a website because its free and easy. Most of you could probably do a better job than I have. Some of the data/pages are never will need updated and some will. If you go to the links page you will see I also have a site on college football in general that would be fairly simple to copy/update. http://sites.google....ootballhistory/
  2. Its really simple, they had mostly white shoes, we had mostly black. I'm not sure what the Huskies will be wearing. Thankfully the Big 10 is mostly a black shoe conference, and you see what happens when they play a mostly white shoe conferenc- the SEC
  3. Its the white shoes that make them both so fast on the field.
  4. I saw them both and totally agree. Richie Glover would have sent Tommie Frazier running back home crying to his mama.
  5. I noticed BTN played the Orange Bowl game vs Miami after the 1994 season. That just about equals all the games that ESPN Classic will play with Husker wins in a whole year They play 71 OU and thats about it. I know someone said that has to do with who owns the rights to games, but it seems like ESPN must only own rights to games the Huskers lose.
  6. Sorry! It's gotta be the '95 team!! It has 47% of the votes so far!! GBR! Well, I'm old, have to stick up for 71. In 30 years, younger people now can do the same thing for 1995 Huskers. 71 Huskers did beat the #s 2-3-4 teams in the final AP poll. Only time in college football history. Also had the most exciting college football player ever - Johnny the Jet Rodgers.
  7. Mizzu would give up their last meth lab to be able to join the Big 10.
  8. In 1971 the Big 8 was 7-3 vs ooc teams ranked at game time. In 1995 the Big 8 was 5-1-1 (including bowl games) In 1971 Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado finished ranked #s 1-2-3 in the final AP poll done after the bowl games. In 1971 Nebraska destroyed Alabama in what would be the NC game played in the Orange Bowl, Alabma did not win the NC the next year but finished 10-2, with both losses to teams ranked in the final top 5 (AP) The stas were very close fot the 2 seasons, check the link. My link
  9. Yes, they should be #2 on the list. I saw them both play (1971 & 1995 Huskers)
  10. Link to site (Orlando Paper) where you can vote for one of their picks for greatest college football team ever. Click the link and vote for 1971 Nebraska of course. Click Here
  11. They shied away from playing Nebraska. Follow the link My link I meant they don't shy away from scheduling BCS schools. Plus, I'd say they shied away from not having their way about home and home, or getting paid or whatever, not exactly from playing us, because it's not like they then didn't schedule a top team, they still did, they just didn't want to meet our offer. They have played 16 BCS teams in 12 seasons. If they want to be taken seriously they should play several a year. They have 5 ooc games this year and play 1 BCS team - Georgia. What if Notre Dame joined the MAC and played one BCS team a year, should they be taken seriously then?
  12. Well at least this topic made people think. I guess some people believe that if Boise State goes 12-0 with a couple wins over teams ranked say from 11-25 in the final regular season poll, and Nebraska or who ever wins the Big 10 goes 12-1, with maybe a couple wins vs top 10 teams and a loss vs a top 10 team, and maybe a couple wins vs other teams in top 25, that Boise State is more deserving to be in the BCS game because they have a better record.. Its just a difference of opion.
  13. Yeah, I guess they were, see the link My link
  14. They shied away from playing Nebraska. Follow the link My link
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