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  1. This is about as well articulated as possible. Kudos ! The elevation of both Mississippi Schools to #1 early in the season based solely on perception and ESPN hype was about as bad as it has ever been. Paul Finnebaum should be forced to gargle with reality soap and contractually obligated to view other conference matchups on TV for an entire year. agree, espn sucked off the SEC and looked like fools.... It will definitely be interesting to see how they twist what happened during the bowl season this year to save face. This bowl season was probably one of the best...I wish our Hus
  2. Personally, I think Shawn definitely made the right decision in ousting Bo. It is not the AD's fault Bo did everything to put the nails in his own coffin, like you, I am not sure how that translates into distrusting Eichorst. I get the impression that Bo just blames everyone else and takes ZERO responsibility for his short comings (he is very much a man-child). He apparently didn't like TO's supposed micromanagement and then claims Shawn was never around; good grief, you are darned if you do and darned if you don't with him. His whole delusion that the Wisconsin loss was everyone else's f
  3. Great post!!! All those freaking out simply don't understand the bigger picture, Mike Riley has proven he can do a lot with a little, especially when having to compete with Nike U, which would be hard for ANYONE!!! Now imagine what he may be able to accomplish here with the unlimited resources Nebraska has. I may be in the minority (at least among the fan base), but I think the future is brighter than many Husker fans realize; time will tell.
  4. the national media is a complete joke, one minute they agree Pelini should be let go, then when it happens they question the decision. It all comes down to ratings, it sure doesn't have anything to do with integrity.
  5. Nope. The climate is the toxic one in where fans claim the team and the game as their own. The fans don't train, practice, sweat, bleed, take the bus rides, study the playbook, do the strength and conditioning, feel the pain, etc., etc., yet the feel like they are a HUGE part of it because they have cable, buy a shirt, or plunk their @$$ down on a seat. College football was supposed to be for the college students. Unfortunately, college students don't have the income, so marketing morphed it into a way to milk fans of their cash. In return, a 50 year old overweight and out of shape man
  6. Some dumbass Royals fan, probably from Kansas, is trolling our current Husker players? Please tell me the players know better than to buy this sh#t? Josh Mitchell just retweetet his tweet at him and said "RECRUITS BEWARE" Good lord. How ridiculous. The whole thing. What a sh#t attitude from all involved. This "climate" is part of the problem we have had with Pelini. I understand that the players are disappointed, they have spent several years with the current coaching staff building relationships, I get it; but, the way some of them are handling this doesn't surprise me since
  7. Good grief, strike up the Benny Hill music; this out to at least be entertaining, just not in a good way.
  8. I wonder if they already have our new head coach, maybe who he is will also be announced at the press conference today. It's possible I suppose.
  9. It is about darn time, though I agree with knapplc, it should have been done last year.
  10. Not that my opinion matters much in the grand scheme of things, but I am definitely in the Jim Tressel camp. In hindsight, what happened at Ohio St. was miniscule compared to violations that have taken place at other schools. Count me out as wanting most of the successful coaches from the SEC, that whole conference is one former discruntled player away from have to forteit the entire last 14 years of success en masse!!! Tressel brings many positives and very few negatives; honestly I can't think of any. Granted, there is the "show cause" portion of his sanctions, but with what happened at
  11. "It's not like it only happens to us. Look across the country, it happens." Newsflash Bo, giving up 408 yards to a single player in one game (most of it in only TWO quarters) doesn't happen to other teams, EVER!!! Our coach is definitely in complete denial, we are so screwed!
  12. The truly sad part is, I don't think our chances of beating Minnesota Saturday are very good. I hope I am dead wrong, but I expect the Huskers to get embarrassed at home, and I give us a 50/50 shot at beating Iowa the week after (and that is being generous). Some may still be in denial, but Nebraska is falling hard and fast. Padding our schedule by beating up the school for the dumb, deaf and blind means little when you can't even handle a one dimensional team like Wisconsin. I shutter to think what Ohio St. would have done to us, it would have been very ugly!!! When your leader honesty
  13. Woah pal, I was apart of ththat pony club bud and had no yearning for pelini to be retained. Don't you generalize us as I'm an independent pony who don't need no man. You are right, I shouldn't generalize. I just find the turnaround by most to be very ironic.
  14. "No way anybody could have seen this coming. No way, no how." I haven't posted in a long time, but I really hope Sip was being sarcastic there, because many of us seen this coming from a mile away. What an amazing difference a few years can make. One of the last times I posted on here was after the 2012 CCG. I pointed out the the glaring problems with this team and it's leadership and got roasted on here and in my mailbox by those who where part of that stupid pony club back then. Now, many are starting to realize what some of us have known for awhile, Bo is not the answer; but will our
  15. And I want people to use correct forms of words. Is that too much to ask for? Oh yeah, the spelling police. So sorry to have bothered you, not really.
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