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  1. huskerbatt52

    NU talked to Paulus

    This pretty much sums up Paulus... Greg Paulus is awesome! Good stuff. Duke sucks.
  2. huskerbatt52

    Undrafted Free Agents List

    As a Broncos fan, I LOVE that they signed Nate...hope he's able to stick.
  3. huskerbatt52

    wonderlic scores

    Exactly. Alex Smith had a really good score, Dan Marino a really bad one...who do you want on your team?
  4. huskerbatt52


    The two bronze-looking fellows in the back? That's T.O. and Brook.
  5. huskerbatt52

    My First trip to Lincoln

    How does next year's Utah team look, by the way? I was obviously impressed with them in the bowl game, but can't seem to recall who they're losing to graduation.
  6. huskerbatt52


    I agree. We'll need a couple of guys to step up at D-End.
  7. huskerbatt52

    1996 Arizona State Game

    Ughh...I think I just threw up in my mouth when I read this headline. Bad memories, man...
  8. huskerbatt52

    Teafatiller arrested again.

    No, there'd be far fewer people willing to get behind the wheel after drinking.
  9. huskerbatt52

    Helu Is My Homeboy

    My Webpage
  10. huskerbatt52

    311 to do next tunnel walk

    First of all 311 will never be what Metallica was and still is (check new album to be released this coming year) As far as album sales and concert attendence, Metallica as out lasted everyone except for Elvis. I hate to burst your bubble but Metallica is as strong if not stronger now as they were in the 80's. You might want to put down that 07 crack pipe and do a little research before you post. Please enlighten us to what your fine selection would be. Great. They sell a lot of albums, and sell out concerts. So what? Let's not confuse popular with good.
  11. huskerbatt52

    if we were bowling this year...

    I plan on going to Nebraska's bowl game this year. I believe it's down at DJ's Dugout, sometime in late December. It looks like we're playing Notre Dame or Pitt. If you don't know what I'm talking about, listen to Unsportsmanlike Conduct this week. They're going to play a simulated game on PlayStation, record it, and play it at DJ's. They want to get a good Nebraska crowd there, as if it were an actual Nebraska game. Sounds kinda fun...not as fun as having an actual bowl game, though.
  12. huskerbatt52


    Yeah, I've found that Huskers.com pretty much sucks.