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  1. LOL Agree. My point went over your head. The original comparison is ironic since he is quite literally the great college player that has "hung around town" (and visited a bar or two).
  2. He was actually a pretty darn good college player too.
  3. What if C A T really spelled "dog"?
  4. What the heck play call was 3rd down? I give em credit for the fake punt, but better 3rd down play call maybe didn't have to be in that position.
  5. Would love to know what the heck the game plan was supposed to be. Oline and Dline are garbage.
  6. I heard that and actually LOL'd....said every girlfriend in America, except mine of course.
  7. I'm kind of in both camps. I doubt many wins this year will look impressive either by final score or opponent, but I'll gladly take said wins. Bowl game would be great.
  8. Wouldn't the Illinois game 2 weeks ago qualify as a close game?
  9. Thanks, knapp. Cleaner than I thought.
  10. Scared to ask, but what or who is Lexi and Dak?
  11. The difference is in the letter of the rule versus the spirit of the rule. The rule wasn't intended to allow a player to purposefully run out of bounds to simply reach into the field of play to touch an in-bound kickoff to solicit a penalty on the kicker. Thats the "loophole" that player smartly exploited.
  12. Thats the flaw in the rule. Its one thing to catch a ball and land out of bounds. Its a different scenario when the ball is in bounds, on the ground, not moving. If it were a punt or a fumble the rule wouldn't apply. Its got nothing to do with it not working out in NU's favor.
  13. There absolutely should be an exception to the rule when the ball is laying dead in the field of play before anyone touches it (for instance, if a ball was established as in-bounds before an out-of-bounds player touches it, the ball is dead at that point the out-of-bounds player touches it).
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