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  1. Would think the NIL initiatives would kick in to high gear if there's want to keep of some of these players. Supposedly, NU boosters have one of the best initiatives in the country.
  2. Despite Whipple's inclinations, I think they'd have run the football more if they could have been successful doing it. Most games, there wasn't a point. And the times they were dogma about running, 4th quarter leads, it was generally the wrong decision based on expected result.
  3. I believe it. Heck, there was speculation that Rhule was a top choice for Huskers before he was even fired.
  4. Which all means that he'll be bought out of his contract if not retained (or contract revised).
  5. And it would also be up to Mickey to be a professional and lead instead of divide. Mickey seems like a pro.
  6. 1. If Fickel's results turn out to be better, doesn't mean Trev should be fired (even if Rhule does't work out). 2. Why even "worry" about this? Its one thing to pose a discussion. Quite the other to gaslight. 3. The West means nothing after next season.
  7. Bingo! Some can't be happy with a nice gift. Always gotta be wondering if it had been better getting something different.
  8. Thanks for posting. Based on this list, seems there'd be plenty of room for Busch. Might as well keep a guy with good Nebraska recruiting connections.
  9. Wouldn't be two masters. Rhule is ultimately in charge. If Mickey wants to stay he'd need to fall in line with Rhule's philosophies.
  10. If only there was a place besides Huskerboard to find out info like this.
  11. Is it unpopular? Seemed most believed the D was the bigger problem through most of his tenure.
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