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  1. Unsure if I want a golden ticket to this place or not.
  2. Went with Cristobal for #1 and #2. He'll likely be given the longest leash and he IS their culture (I know it hasn't worked out for NU). Chose Venables for #3. Don't really know if he'll be a successful HC, and of the list of schools, OU currently has the highest expectations based on 20 years of consistent top-10 success.
  3. Hoping this fuels the fire in Joseph and isn't 'disappointed' to be at NU instead of being able to stay in LA.
  4. Unless Frost takes on ST himself, he'll essentially be the 5th offense coach.
  5. With all respect, wouldn't mind terribly if he left for a good opportunity. While his D performed admirably, I'm not sold on the bend don't break scheme, especially when paired with Frosts O scheme.
  6. I have hope for Frosts tenure, but no faith.
  7. Same crap, different QB. Didn't see Smothers do anything good or bad that I haven't seen from Martinez.
  8. We get better and better
  9. Wow! Thats some level of hyperbole. The vast majority of his glaring poor decisions, passes, or turnovers aren't on him, huh? Its mostly coaching and supporting cast failures? Perhaps you'll be proven correct based on which round he's drafted.
  10. Perfect! Hopefully he won't be competing against seemingly half the FBS for new coach like he would be this year.
  11. Sounds like he essentially got a Harbaugh-like deal.
  12. Very good. Must've been thinking of receiver Miles Austin. Meant Greg Austin.
  13. Kinda of like the other comments, voted that Frost will be back though he hasn't earned it. This likely means Martinez will be back. Did vote that Verduzco and Miles will be let go.
  14. I get fans wanting/hoping that staff changes are made. I dont understand the thought that the AD or higher up should demand these changes. Shouldnt it be the HC's job to make those decisions? I mean, if the AD or President needs to make those decisions, why hire a HC?
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