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  1. Learned this offense CAN look very well when run game (working from start) is stuck with. Frost maybe learn a lesson from Minny debacle? One nitpick: Gotta call more north/south near goal line. Yet, was nice to see the well executed option.
  2. I've not been impressed with this particular officiating crew throughout the season. Definitely biased though after watching the head ref mouth "wow" after our DB makes hard (should've been legal) hit against OSU and the subsequent flag.
  3. Now that the thread is completely off topic.... I've always found it funny that those that claim to want more financial fairness or refer to college players as "slaves" are the very people that, in the end, will be responsible for turning off the spigot that's led to vast college football revenue, meaning future players will likely benefit less than they do now. But sure, some people that financially benefit now, perhaps more so than they should, won't be able to do so in the future, at least not to current extent.
  4. I'm still seeing 6.5 on sportsline and the site I use for betting.
  5. Feel essentially the same. He'll get 2 more years, and probably at least another 2 after that. At some point he's going to have better recruit, especially at QB, and make staff changes. What seemed like improvement first season, after 0-6 start, has since turned into a s#!t show.
  6. Would agree, I just don't have faith that our D can continue to play hero ball.
  7. Minny doing little more than standing with their arms crossed just waiting for us to trip over ourselves. Might be time to let LMC finish this one. AM can't hit the proverbial broadside.
  8. They did. We struggle to learn lessons. lol We also continue to get beat with the underneath crossing pattern.
  9. Probably already been said, but sadly this looks too similar to the Illinois game. Team looks unprepared, not executing enough, and Scott being outcoached again and poor game management. And unfortunately looks like were getting Adrian Hyde instead of Andrian Jekyll. Minnesota doing nothing special. Just not shooting self in foot.
  10. Do you know why the East was supposed to get to host 5 out of 7 possible games?
  11. Unwilling to drop cash on it, but I feel pretty good about the game today. Might actually win by double digits with a key special teams play thrown in.
  12. Tried it on both google and firefox. Looks like maybe the banner isn't loading correctly; adding additional info near upper right of threads section.
  13. Noticed today on my laptop that the section of the screen containing the threads is reduced to half screen size. Previously the thread width spanned across the majority of the screen.
  14. Good post. I dont necessarily disagree with a lot of the op-ed, but its hard not to have at least the expectation to consistently win the division when we're told by the recruiting rankings that we recruit at a top25 level and the rest of the division is happy to break top 40.
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