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  1. I don't know that I would use the Fiesta Bowl to support the 3-3-5. While TCU has made some plays Michigan has 38 points on em with almost a whole quarter left.
  2. I'm happy to sign up for the tutorial.
  3. I wasn't specifically referring to Green. Were you? I haven't heard much negative about Green's tenure in respect to the football program or sports as a whole.
  4. Likely not the only thing he's judged on, but if you're having an impact on the program, especially a negative one...
  5. Okay. Maybe "expectation" was the wrong word choice. Maybe "excitement" or "hopes" would've been better terms. But I'll own it, and throw it back... We've read about and seen Rhule's program development (Temple and Baylor) , and based on the players he's so far landed in a month on the job, why would you not have an expectation that he can resurrect this program in short order? short order = before season 4 resurrection = 9+ wins
  6. If he can develop like we've all read about and continue to recruit at this level+, I don't think its too far-fetched to believe he can put a top 12 team out there by year 3.
  7. This was me 40 years ago. While I was glad Alberts hired Rhule, I didn't have the same level of excitement like when Frost was hired. However, after reading and listening to the sound bites, and now seeing how his recruiting class panned out (plus the transfers), I'm probably more convinced than I should be at this point that we are going to see a legit resurrection of this program. I just need to keep my expectations in check for next season; would not be surprised if this is a playoff team in year 3 (maybe 2?).
  8. Geez I hate twitter. LOL What is that supposed to mean? Is he sitting on the toilet thinking? Is he thinking of a brunette instead of blonde? Express what you mean, and mean what you express. /rant
  9. "No s#!t" doesnt quite grasp how little I gleaned from this post. LOL
  10. "Doesn't matter" is hyperbole, yet it will dramatically reduce any drama for most early and midseason games, and only add back some of that drama in some additional later season games. The conversation changes from "Holy s#!t! Alabama is going to miss the playoff" after losing to Tennessee, to "Eh. I guess Alabama wont get a first round bye".
  11. Best not. We saw how well that worked with Rich Rod.
  12. Would think the NIL initiatives would kick in to high gear if there's want to keep of some of these players. Supposedly, NU boosters have one of the best initiatives in the country.
  13. Despite Whipple's inclinations, I think they'd have run the football more if they could have been successful doing it. Most games, there wasn't a point. And the times they were dogma about running, 4th quarter leads, it was generally the wrong decision based on expected result.
  14. I believe it. Heck, there was speculation that Rhule was a top choice for Huskers before he was even fired.
  15. Which all means that he'll be bought out of his contract if not retained (or contract revised).
  16. And it would also be up to Mickey to be a professional and lead instead of divide. Mickey seems like a pro.
  17. 1. If Fickel's results turn out to be better, doesn't mean Trev should be fired (even if Rhule does't work out). 2. Why even "worry" about this? Its one thing to pose a discussion. Quite the other to gaslight. 3. The West means nothing after next season.
  18. Bingo! Some can't be happy with a nice gift. Always gotta be wondering if it had been better getting something different.
  19. Thanks for posting. Based on this list, seems there'd be plenty of room for Busch. Might as well keep a guy with good Nebraska recruiting connections.
  20. Wouldn't be two masters. Rhule is ultimately in charge. If Mickey wants to stay he'd need to fall in line with Rhule's philosophies.
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