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  1. Funny that a conference would file an anti-trust suit due to a group of schools wanting to be in their own conference. Hard for me to believe that suit would fly, especially considering precedent that schools can negotiate independent of each other (therefore can also choose to negotiate as a group).
  2. Definitely missed that. Thanks!
  3. I get it that its Oklahoma, but are they really worth an extra $70 with one less game and none in conference?
  4. He's also got a couple of interesting videos. Mentions how PAC leadership wants the PAC presidents to sign a GOR. Goes on to mention how the B1G and SEC are also negotiating with sportsbooks on exclusive rights for real-time betting data. He thinks ND will be part of B1G within next 80 days since NBC won't come near what B1G can financially offer since they only have rights to ND's seven home games.
  5. Latest from Flugaur: He also tweets on Trev Alberts comments about expansion:
  6. *sigh* Whether or not you agree the comparison is apt, it was clearly about the situation, not talent levels.
  7. ^^^ Smart move. Will be interesting to see the fee or tiers of fees.
  8. I would argue that fandom had nothing to do with the exaggerated ratings. It had to do with the game potentially having an impact on the CFP. If OSU had won, decent chance they'd have gotten in over Cincinnati.
  9. I stand corrected. I know at one time there was a problem with Dish carrying the Pac 12.
  10. All of the conference-specific channels are available via a sports tier for the one cable company (cox) out here (some centurylink might still be around). I think satellite is different. Dish never could land an agreement to carry the Pac12 network.
  11. ^^^ Was thinking about that yesterday. Damn good thing he usurped Mizzou. Maybe we get Mizzou's SEC invite depending on how things could've gone, but we'll never know.
  12. While I know ND has been playing Stanford annually for a while, just not seeing the financial draw. Struggle to see ND reducing everyone's future payout (compared to what other programs could bring) just so Stanford can join.
  13. Couldnt care less about the Arizona schools. I'm referencing LA road trips.
  14. Great news for those of us in Phoenix!
  15. I'd be more apt to purchase these guys' apparel if it had some cool saying, maybe a play off their name like DeColdest could, and some type of mention of dear old NU. No one outside of a few NU fans would ever know what the logo represents.
  16. I have no idea how much an NU collective needs to allot for the team to put them in the top tier. However, before I get fully turned off by what used to be "college" football, I would like NU to go full bore into pay-for-play so I can have one last ego boost from the team being on/near top.
  17. Vent coming. Feel free to move on... As someone who's had a tattoo of Herbie for over 30 years this does kinda piss me off. Not so much at UNL, I get the stance they have to take though decisions like this contribute to this problem, but that an extremely minute group of people (or just internet trolls?) so easily sway the rest of society into associating a minor gesture with something 99.9+% of society finds abhorrent and likely knows that in 99.9+% of cases the gesture has nothing to do with that abhorrent activity or thought. Now I run the minute risk of some d-bag starting in on me cuz he/she wants to associate "okay" Herbie with racism simply because of few jackoffs, and "media" freely associates the gesture with these few jackoffs. Hate it when I get triggered by this kinda crap!
  18. Went with Cristobal for #1 and #2. He'll likely be given the longest leash and he IS their culture (I know it hasn't worked out for NU). Chose Venables for #3. Don't really know if he'll be a successful HC, and of the list of schools, OU currently has the highest expectations based on 20 years of consistent top-10 success.
  19. Hoping this fuels the fire in Joseph and isn't 'disappointed' to be at NU instead of being able to stay in LA.
  20. Unless Frost takes on ST himself, he'll essentially be the 5th offense coach.
  21. With all respect, wouldn't mind terribly if he left for a good opportunity. While his D performed admirably, I'm not sold on the bend don't break scheme, especially when paired with Frosts O scheme.
  22. I have hope for Frosts tenure, but no faith.
  23. Same crap, different QB. Didn't see Smothers do anything good or bad that I haven't seen from Martinez.
  24. We get better and better
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