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  1. Are we close with this academic ranking thing? Not sure how on how this all works. But I'll take any bowl for more evaluation time and practices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me the Corndog Bowl or the Mayonaise Bowl or the Pepto Bowl, anything!
  2. Yeah there has to QB coach after what we have experienced this year!
  3. I don't care about deserving it. I just want more practices.
  4. On to volleyball!

  5. Any chance that still get a bowl invite? I don't know if there will be enough 6 win teams?
  6. I learned that Iowa must be very thankful that the B1G west has gifted them wins this year. They're going to get destroyed in Indy.
  7. -B1G refs are still absolutely clueless. -The offense finds a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory over and over. -We need counseling as a state.
  8. I'm just glad we're trying new things.
  9. I'm going to blame them a little bit. haha
  10. Iowa is the biggest 10 win fraud ever.
  11. Clock manager won it for Iowa. Rhule's timeout won it for Iowa.
  12. Satterfield was doing eenie meenie miny moe and needed more time..
  13. Why are you calling a timeout???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  14. Why was he just dancing at midfield??? Run????
  15. Rhule. Do you really think the offense will be able to do anything with 20some seconds and 90 yards?????
  16. This, if you're going to do something do it all out. Everyone is going their own direction right now.
  17. Of course doubling down. These refs have their pride to keep.
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