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  1. Kansas up 10 to 0 over Oklahoma as expected.
  2. The refs make stuff up as they go, also they swallow the whistle when Michigan is ripping the ball and taking out knees.
  3. The battles we go through life,
  4. Lot of hype for apparel sales, what a letdown. But at least part of proceeds go to a good cause in Teammates.
  5. Frost fears failure and it costs this team constantly.
  6. Frost lost this game in regulation by fearing failing going for the win. What do you have to lose??!?!?!?

    1. TonyStalloni


      There is plenty of blame to go around. AM missing Volkolek twice when he was wide open on a deep route, Cerni punting the ball left when the call probably was punt right based on where the coverage went, O line putting us in the hole in the first half. The offense only scoring 20 points on over 400 yards of offense. But yes Frost went conservative there at the end 

  7. Why are they trying any directional kicking with what ST has shown???
  8. It over. Congratulations Frost. Playing not to lose, you only lose.
  9. So stupid. They will get the ball in OT. In regulation they had no chance to get it back. Take your shot!!!!!
  10. What the heck. Have a free chance at a hail Mary and you decline that chance?!?!?!
  11. Why don't you take a timeout!!!?!!??!!!;?;!;!;!!;;!!;!;
  12. Offensive line best not give up a freaking sack
  13. Frost took like 5 seconds to call a timeout
  14. Need a fumble return for a touchdown or pick 6. That's the only chance.
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