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  1. I've mentioned before here, I have a family member who is trans. Believe me, this is not something someone would choose to do, or do to feel like a "special snowflake". FU for suggesting that, btw. He (transitioned gender) now has a beard, are you saying he should still use the ladies' room? You don't think that might freak anyone out? I have another MTF friend. She uses the ladies' room. She says (in her sister's book) that she absolutely will not talk in the ladies' room, especially in a stall, for fear that her voice will betray her and someone will call the cops. But seeing h
  2. As much as I liked Austria and Sweden, and got around fine as a tourist just speaking English, I think actually living there full time would be more difficult. I could learn the language, but I'm not sure I'm up to that. I took Spanish in HS and college, but couldn't make out anything in Spain. So, English countries are probably it for me. Canada would be a pretty easy choice, both culturally and distance-wise. New Zealand does appeal to me, a lot, but I've never been. I'd definitely consider Scotland, then Ireland and Australia, and finally the rest of the UK. To move to most of t
  3. I'd think that Frazier's health issues would be a part as well, and how Berringer and then Turman stepped in and kept it running, though that story may have lost some luster after Ohio St 2014.
  4. The controversies don't mean that much without them happening to a championship team. I expect them to show a decent amount of game action to frame that. The championships aren't much of a story (outside of Nebraska) without the controversies and tragedy, so expect to see a decent amount on that too. Where the emphasis is, is the question. I'll wait and see it before reacting either way. I'm pretty encouraged by the link in The Duke's post #5 that the story of how the team pulled together during the turmoil will be a significant part. This doesn't sound like a hatchet job. We s
  5. 9 seconds and a timeout left and we can't do better than that?
  6. Agree. I don't think I've ever had a job that had "sick days" so I guess I don't know for sure but that sounds right. But definitely use your vacation days. If the culture at the company is to not use them, consider if you are at the right place for life work/balance. As far as notice, it varies, in part depending on how critical you are for coverage. I've had jobs where it was no problem to call or send an email that I was "taking a day". I don't see the problem with asking your boss, if you put it in the perspective of just wanting to know what is expected so you don't create a problem
  7. Yes, I realize I wasn't very clear, but I was talking about it's use here.
  8. I know, right? I thought I'd have more on my side. Oh well. I'll cringe in silence from now on.
  9. I thought I'd start with this board. Your way sounds a lot easier.
  10. Again. It's not really about the song. And if you actually read all of my last post I acknowledged that most school fight songs are dated. What I was referring to was the number of times here that people use "DONU".
  11. Pretty much this. You have to understand the term not necessarily in modern day terms. Think of when the song was written. Girls are the fairest Boys are the squarest Both compliments. Sure, I understand that, but it's kind of like showing pictures of campus with students walking around wearing beanies and whatever else that hasn't been seen in 50 years. Out of date, and I think Nebraska is already viewed as being behind the times in many ways. Not that it's all bad, but maybe it's not the image we want to perpetuate? Or probably it's so minor of a thing that it just doesn't
  12. To me, DONU sounds like what someone's grandmother might call us. Or maybe it's like referring to "dear old grand dad" while rolling your eyes at something he does. It sounds corny (no pun intended). Look at the lyrics to the song: Maybe being called a square doesn't have the negative connotation that it had when I was growing up. People talk about alternate uniforms, and rockin' tunnel songs as things that would make today's kids identify with the school, yet we try to get recruits to come to DONU? I read that, and wonder how many kids think it's a hick place they will take a
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