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  1. Yes...Too many overnight shifts. Thank you.
  2. It's true. And there's not much we can do to refute it right now, sad to say. Back to the main question...no, he's not the only answer. I'd love to see SF get the job, but I'd be all in on Harrison Campbell from ISU if Frost doesn't work out. And there are a handful of others that would work too. Folks just need to be aware that this is not an overnight fix. A lot of the fanbase and alumni are going to have to come to grips with that.
  3. And a UCF touchdown on the ensuing TD. Crazy.
  4. I don't make it a habit of turning N games off. I'm seriously considering it. No mas.
  5. Yep. I just said the same thing. The D has been bad before but the compete level is just gone to me. It looks like a Spring game right now rather than a year-end rivalry game.
  6. Another TD would be HUGE since we get the ball to start the 3rd...:Lets go!
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