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  1. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/football/nebraska-a-d-bill-moos-says-no-decision-has-been/article_ae897ca6-c3e8-11e7-9e21-d3de7eba9e12.html
  2. This. Move on OP, he's not the right man for the job, and never was. Acceptance.
  3. What do you all think is the more impressive coaching job between what Frost has accomplished in year 2 at UCF vs. what Campbell has accomplished in year 2 at Iowa State?
  4. Will you offer discounts to Huskerboard members? =)
  5. Yeah, to my way of thinking, this is the million dollar question. Have the leadership of our University gotten to the point where they understand that righting this ship is potentially going to require a serious investment way beyond what we've spent collectively up to this point? If so, and perhaps more importantly, are they comfortable with ACTUALLY doing so? Expecting substantial success from a coach who you are only willing to pay 2-3 million dollars is just not going to work. If they are serious about this thing, then they are going to have to be willing to at least double tha
  6. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/frost-vacancy-sec-coveted-herman-2017/ This is a good read, and the author makes a good poInt about Frosts' experience on both sides of the ball. If the opportunity is there, and assuming Frost is interested, I really hope we don't let Frost be the one that got away so to speak.
  7. The notion is laughable, and I don't see any remote chance of it happening, but if we do beat Ohio State, it would be classic Riley. At Oregon State, he had this strange pattern of leading a string of clunkers, and bookending it with an inexplocable head scratching win against. Ranked team he had no business beating. He did this at USC's expense several times.
  8. He needs to resign, that's what he needs to do. That will improve things.
  9. Is this guy for real? The D didn't get mauled, really?? Hahahahaha lol
  10. It's hard for me to believe the part about Riley's dismissal being a foregone conclusion, mainly because we haven't hired an AD yet. I can't see the administration hiring an AD with the condition that he dismiss a coach. That just sounds strange, buy maybe not.
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