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  1. Frost is safe as long as Moos is in charge. He’ll get it done. Plus - what gobiggergoredder said regarding NFL picks— that is one of the key stats in NU’s decline. We need better quality players.
  2. This is the lowest scoring game Nebraska game I’ve witnessed. Nebraska 7 Colorado 0 back in ‘88 was the previous lowest scoring game I’ve seen.
  3. Nebraska fans are used to a “rivalry of respect” with Oklahoma. Two teams with similar history who battled nearly every year for the conference crown. Nebraska fans are not used to a rivalry drawn on good old fashioned hate. That’s Iowa.
  4. If you added up the payments to Callahan, Pelini, Eichorst and Riley... I’m estimating that it far exceeds the total salary that NU paid Coach Osborne over 25 seasons.
  5. I get that Coach Williams has a following, but if he’s so elite, then why isn’t he on someone’s staff- college or pro?
  6. The team lacks depth, but for many seasons now with the lack of blow out wins, we just haven’t had the opportunity to get meaningful game reps to develop the backups. I was glad to see them get in today.
  7. Without a bye week, it would be nice to get an insurmountable lead as quickly as possible to get the starters some rest and some game time for the backups . Getting the back ups some meaningful game snaps has been missing the past few seasons!
  8. How about the original and only alternate of the Osborne era? All red vs. Oklahoma in 1986!
  9. For sure. I can’t stand Iowa and would love for Nebraska to shut them down this year. That being said, not sure what to expect with team , so I picked the 3 likely wins to be Illinois , Minnesota and Bethune Cookman.
  10. Who approved this $ h i t . Seriously. You get a chance to come up with something cool, edgy and flashy .. and you get this. golly.
  11. Yeah.. this is similar to the stuff on Wikileaks about the top secret Big Ten referees-only emergency meeting that was called soon after Frost was hired.
  12. Majority of the penalties tonight were for offensive holding . That’s a clear sign of a physical mismatch.
  13. The team ended ‘17 on a slide, with a struggling defense that seemed to give up on Diaco’s “system”.. and even coaches that weren’t on the same page. But who knows.. Calibraska would still be intact, and the rains during the Akron game would have ended and the clouds would clear as a rainbow illuminates over the stadium with a wink, nod and a smile from Coach Riley. Golly that’s fun.
  14. There you go, woofing up the Huskers, on a collision course with doom. http://homepages.cae.wisc.edu/~dwilson/rsfc/Woof.html be enlightened.
  15. Instead of “pro style offense”, maybe I should have said that Tyjon may be looking for an offense that didn’t rely so much on perimeter blocking— which would not be a strong suit for a 5’9 160 pound receiver . You’re right - plenty of college-spread receivers make it in the NFL, but most are probably more of the 6-0 + 180 + types, who didn’t struggle with blocking.
  16. I’m thinking that Tyjon sees himself as an NFL-caliber receiver and wants to play in a pro style offense to showcase his skill to get to the next level. Frost’s offense, which relies heavily on the WR’s perimeter blocking (maybe paramount, see Warner).. isn’t what Tyjon signed up for when choosing NU. No hard feelings, good luck to him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him reunite with Gebbia up at the Beaver lodge.
  17. Coach Fleck usually says a lot to say a little, but he’s right on this point. We certainly know the stability of 2 head coaches over 35 years vs. the turbulence of roughly 1 every 5.
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