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  1. Wild speculation, reviewing law books, infighting with message board members.. some of you put a lot of time and emotions into this.
  2. One bad decision is all it takes to land someone in jail. I think mentions of something he may or may not have done back in the 90s has no bearing here. Interesting how in all the threads about Coach Joseph, I don’t recall seeing any negative mentions of him in regards to anything that happened in the 90s. Let’s not kick a man while he’s down.
  3. Most expected this. He did a commendable job these last few weeks with the defense. I had a chance to speak with him at a youth football camp last summer. He approached several of us and asked us to point out our boys, made good conversation for longer than you’d expect. He’s a good guy and wanted to be here .. but in the end, big time coaching is about who you know.
  4. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/football/bill-busch-no-longer-with-nebraska-football-program/article_c701664c-b921-56ce-8c39-2bb11a084807.html
  5. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/football/rhule-fires-two-key-members-of-nebraskas-football-staff/article_83f69a1f-b522-5413-8674-d62ec2c4e44c.html#tracking-source=home-sports We knew Duval was out, but it was done even before the press conference yesterday.
  6. I thought there was a helium shortage, Trev.
  7. Did you have a backup screen name in case it was Fickell? Haha
  8. https://www.1011now.com/2022/11/26/palmer-declares-nfl-draft/?outputType=amp He is gone
  9. Oh..I was just going through the schedule next year and marking all the W’s. Lock for the Quick Lane Bowl or Cheez-it Bowl , I was thinking.
  10. Let’s get all the cringe t- shirt ideas (and new screen names)out there now. Bow to your Rhuler. Our coach Rhules Rewritin’ da Rhules This Rhuler measures championships
  11. Cool that he’s already at Lake McConaughy. Good luck to Coach Rhule.
  12. Referring to the team as the ‘Skers is lazy and will get you stereotyped.
  13. Agree that some do complain just to complain. I have supported every coach that has been hired and will support Rhule if he is the guy. My problem is that I am getting a little burnt out over putting all the hope (hype)into the next Husker Savior. Instead of waving the flags over a Super Bowl Coach, or the defensive genius Coach, or the if-he-had-resources-he’d-win Coach, or the UCF national champ Coach and crowning Rhule as the elite program builder ….. let’s just take it all with a grain of salt and realize that he may or may not be successful , and not disparage those who look on with a little doubt.
  14. Ok .. then Frost won the National Championship at UCF and that 1957 National Championship banner at Kinnick Stadium is awesome.
  15. The only ranked team Baylor played that season was Oklahoma and they lost. Wins over Stephen Austin, Houston, Rice and the rest of a down Big 12 ? Not convincing . Track record … that’s all I’m looking for , not one-season wonders. Edit — and Temple, not even going to waste time to research success at JV-ball in a JV conference .
  16. I get it , and yes, getting to the Sugar Bowl (and losing to Georgia) was a feat. But to me, that is similar to - 1. Callahan coached in the Super Bowl! 2. Riley continuously did more with less at Oregon St, and if only he had the resources at a place like NU ! 3. Wow, Frost went undefeated at UCF and coached Mariota! I don’t want a single highlight coach. Might as well keep Mickey.
  17. This is every coach. Rhule is a gamble. Nebraska has been through this process so many times now you would think that we are done with the gamble -hire. How about a head coach with a proven P5 record over a long period of time?
  18. The game day prayer is dumb. If players do it in the locker room .. fine. Keep it there, don’t even show it on the screens. Should be private. …And for people to do it on a message board, taking turns with verses .. cringey.
  19. The Blackshirt tradition needs to stay amongst the players. How and who they are awarded to shouldn’t be “civilian” knowledge. Didn’t hear much about it until the mid 90s, and then of course with all the coaching changes, the media attention of how the new regimes would handle it, etc .. and the scrutiny over differences in process… that’s when it became over discussed.
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