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  1. one of the best recuiting classes i have seen in years...whats really nice,,they got some recruits away from georgia and alabama....i can see defense is what they were after this year...u can see frost building what appears to be be a competetive team again.
  2. florida is no longer interested in chip kelly, and its been rumored that scott frost is #1 on florida,s search....there are also other teams looking for coaches, tenneesee, old miss...proably all 3 of those schools have better chances recruitng than nu....who knows what is going to happen, but if my crystal ball is correct...frost will go to florida...its sort of bad for nu , because of the # of schools looking for coaches...riley has not been fired, but i suspect he will be...florida would probably be scott frost quickest way to a national championship..the past gators coach could not get the talent ..
  3. i thought when un was pursing penili......that they should have tryed to get bill snyder from kansas state..i still believe that even today...now is is a proven winnner, not these jokers they have been getting the last few years
  4. i had thought years ago nebraska should have hired coach snyder , kansas states coach....he would have made nu a winner
  5. i would be shocked if it was not lee.......he is getting some nfl hype at the moment, and likely will be next nu qb
  6. like this recruiting class of 2017, likely to produce some good players. i looked at other schools that tryed to get some of nu recruints, and nu has 5 that alabama made offers too...that is a good sign.
  7. riley seems to be doing a great job at recruiting, he has got me excited. i cannot say that about the previous coach, who seem to struggle at recruiting....that kid from texax , brenden jaimes, looks good on film. i watch film on him in his junior yr, and he just push kids around like toys.....he looks to be a good one
  8. one big postivie for me this year....it was not the looses that bothered me that much,,,it was nu was not blown out of games like penili teams were...it a sign the defense is going in a postitive direction...i quess its easy to be sunday qb coach....nu won, thats whats matter, due to the fact they were 5.5 pt underdogs, congrats to a good win
  9. got to give nu credit for over 500 yrs offense, souther cal only musterd 400 yrds....then again, colorado had 500 yds, though they did it mostly through the air, but still postivie for the cornhuskers... one bright spot for nu, freshman running back ozigbo.... i did not like the coaching from nu...why did they not leave ozigbo in late in the game, as far as i was concerned, he is the nu stud out there, a power runner, eveyone eles takes a second seat to him the defense, they went with 4 down lineman against ucla late in the game, should have rushed 5 at least. it was noted the ucla qb did not like pressure, and nu still rushed 4, and ucla was marching down the field in huge chunks even the tv broadcasters were complaining of nu play calling
  10. Solich could not recruit...or have you forgotten allready. i have to agree hes done good where he is at, but that is not nu. another thing, i would be embarrassed to go to a bowl game with a loosing record.. i wish the 6 win thing was set in stone, and not so many water-down bowl games
  11. until nu gets a coach that can recruit...probably no where spectacular.....i talk to a michigan state fan awhile back and told him i was a nu fan...he stated they are not very good anymore....that tells you what others think of nu.
  12. there might not many thoughts on a postive season this year, but i do see something that really bothered me in the past with bo. THERE ARE NO BLOWOUTS SO FAR....that is a big success story this year, at least in my book
  13. he still is not listed on rivals or scout...so it must be a done deal yet
  14. mr buffet, one of the world wealthiest people, is one i wonder how much he supports nu. oregon has a very wealthy supporter, that spent millions on that program to make it one of the coolest places for a athlete to be at. http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2013/7/31/4574556/oregon-football-building-new i wonder why mr buffet does not give nu a few milion (pocket change) to upgade nu facilities like oregon, ,,,nu would probably be able to pursuade more recruits if he did.
  15. athlon has riley ranked 40th on list of active coaches... http://athlonsports.com/college-football/ranking-all-128-college-football-head-coaches-2015 when nebraska hired our previous coach, i could never understand why they did not seek out snyder , coach of kansas state...i still believe he was the answer for nu,, but it was never persued....snyder took a very poor program, winless program, and made them into a national power ....think what he could have done a nu...
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