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  1. I love this idea if Turner is getting reps as a situational quarterback. We need to be more creative getting the football into our playmaker's hand. If using Turner as QB for a few plays here and there can accomplish that, then more power to coaches and the players.
  2. Not exactly, grey shirting is just delaying giving a kid a scholarship for a year. They are still on the team and is in practice and they could even play if they have earned that right. But they are still using a season of eligibility or a redshirt year if they do not play. They do not get to sit out a year without using eligibility unless they do not even enroll in school for that year.
  3. If he keeps playing the way that he has, then I think he can expect a scholarship before his senior year. The guy is an animal out there.
  4. These guys sat behind me during the game. They were pretty cool through out with some good nature ribbing going on back and forth, but from about half way through the third until the end of the game, they did not say too much.
  5. not trying to be a negative nancy or anything but wasn't 92 of those yards on 1 play? Actually, Taylor's 92 yard run was on 2nd and 6. So that play would not count in those stats, if that is the play that you were referring to.
  6. I believe the out of bounds kick is 30 yards from where it was kicked off from. So that would put it back to the 35, but I could be wrong on this.
  7. If the kid is still 50/50, then why set a date for an announcement. He should just wait until he has a better feel for which university would be a better fit for him during the next four/five years. Don't just make a selection because you put a self-imposed announcement date.
  8. If Cross could have the impact on our offense that Burkhead had when he was a freshman. That would be great.
  9. Did Akoy actually grow up in Nebraska?
  10. A salesman never wants a customer to go home and "cool off" over their product.
  11. I would think it would start to force everyone's hand on playing Biggs next year.
  12. I think that this is pretty cool that the University would have someone help the kids buy healthy food during the offseason.
  13. I think it would be best to redshirt Biggs. I just don't think that he is going to add that much next year to improve the team. I think we all know that next year is going to be a disappointing season as far as wins and loses go. So it might be better to let him redshirt and gain experience in Mile's system during practice.
  14. I am planning on going to the UCLA game and the Wisconsin game this year and maybe one other home game if I can get tickets.
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