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  1. I am not so sure Langsdorf is the one that needs help like this. But you know you kind of described Bo maybe he would do this for our Db's lol
  2. I have a feeling Wilson will end up taking the Qb job early in his career. Seems to have the right attitude towards competition. I'm really excited about this one. I can see POB being a bust way before Wilson.
  3. Buffet has given plenty to the University of Nebraska.
  4. I think Osborne realised that the locals (Midwest) may not always rated as high, but they work very hard and succeed more often because of that.
  5. We need this type of tackle if we plan on having any sort of a decent passing attack.
  6. A guy like this, mixed in with jet sweeps ran by guys like DPE...sounds like a great idea. I too love the physical running style he has with the little shake needed. good get IMO GBR
  7. I thought I saw on twitter last night that he has an announcement coming soon? Something to be concerned with?
  8. I am very excited about the two QBs Riley and staff brought in!! They both seem to fit the system Riley has described, much like Bo got in his QBs. The biggest difference is Riley and Langsdorf have A very good tract record in developing Qbs, and Bo and Beck proved horribly that they cannot. I am still very excited to see what this staff will do for Armstrong and company.
  9. Not that I agree with the group these two idiots were after, but this one of the many reasons that I would say you will take my guns from my cold dead hands.
  10. I would say his skill set is an awful lot like Darlington IMO. Which is great IMO passing QB that can run and is very athletic. The other two Qb's that we were looking at were bigger and more of a drop back passer than wilson, but I thought they both passed better than Wilson as far as looks, placement, and comfort, but neither of them were as athletic as Wilson which in the B1G is important I think. Not saying I want a running Qb just saying there are a lot of very good D's and the more options you have the better.
  11. Some of the tweets from players yesterday were pretty funny and great to hear. Especially liked the one that said "pain is weakness pooring out of your body".
  12. I just remember him whiffing a lot in pass pro I guess
  13. Cross is a down hill rb and that is it. And pass pro? I really didn't think he was good at it at all especially for his size.
  14. Well sh#t this is sad news. Anyone know what happened?
  15. Yes he is right with this article. I was one that thought the whole Pelini craziness behind the the scenes were overblown and would never believe it why? Because this is The University of NEBRASKA no way would that sh#t fly here....Boy was I wrong and feel kinda dumb off not seeing through it sooner. I really do feel bad for the crap that the players went through especially the ones that called out the craziness. Why did Moore transfer was it because he was a baby and needed to be closer to dad and his girl or was it more because he couldn't stand the BS that the staff did and obviously dad thought so too. Or how about the playful video when Pelini smashed a cell phone and got into a fake fight in The hallway, no one was really shocked by it in the crowd, why? Because it was something that probably wasn't to far off of what could have happened under his watch. I am glad this article was written and by who it was. Something obviously happened between those two more then we will ever know.
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