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  1. very nice sir, appreciate your hard work.
  2. He's just mad that he had to spend the day at the library playing dungeons and dragons.
  3. Could we be looking at a failure of recruiting? Are most of the guys that have done so well on previous defenses recruited by Pelini's staff, or were they left overs from previous coaches? Just asking.
  4. You might be a little high with your percentages, especially after the last 3 months or so. Add in college football fans in general and you're waaaaaay off. Who cares what they think of our program. They still talk about all our criminals in the 90's. Just go read a college football article on yahoo and you will see what the "average" college football fan thinks about any team other than the team they follow. I was just stating that college football fans in general, who as a whole have no reason to dislike Nebraska, think very unfavorably about Bo Pelini. Granted our rivals don't like us or Bo but when a rather large population doesn't like you because of one person then you probably have a problem. That person probably isn't representing your program in the best ways possible. Even though some people on here with their Red colored glasses don't want to admit. Im not sure where you live, but if you lived outside the state of Nebraska you would understand. It gets old telling people you're a fan of Nebraska and then have to listen to them tell you how much of a joke our head coach is. Many people hated Nebraska way before Pelini got here just because we were so good for so long. It was jealousy. And these are fans not just from the Big 12. SEC fans, Pac 10 fans, ACC fans, etc. Their argument was always the same, how we had to use partial qualifiers to win and LP this and TC that. The hatred for Nebraska has been there since the 90's. Pelini adds more fuel to the fire for the haters, I'm not saying he doesn't. Its not just Pelini either, the majority of college football fans from other conferences look at Nebraska as cowards. Running off to the Big 10 bc we can't beat Texas. So it stems way beyond how Pelini acts and what other fans say about our program. Now with that said, we are not the only program who has a fiery head coach whom others view as a jerk. Saban is viewed as a jerk. Especially in LSU. Actually, he is viewed as a traitor. Other fans will always give you grief for the team you follow, no matter what it is. I don't really care what other fans think about our coach or our program in general. Lol Zoogies ditto. I travel fequently on business and get some grief for my Husker gear, but there are more people that comment positively than negatively. The majority of college football fans love their team no matter what, despise a few, and are pretty much numb on the rest.
  5. I was kind of hoping that they just forgot to put Cotton's name on the list.
  6. I agree about the stability part however, I don't think Bo is going to leave Nebraska. He waited too long to get this job so why would he give it up after 3 seasons? He's got unfinished business to take care of-a conference title and a national championship. After he achieves those two things he might get the itch to go elsewhere but I doubt it. People forget that he is also a husband and a dad. To up root his family once again would not make Mrs. Pelini or the kids very happy. Nebraska is a great place to raise your kids. I think they will stay put. IMHO Bottom line is Bo needs to act like a head coach. I agree no one will probably go anywhere, but he and Wats need to have a heart to heart and Bo needs to give the offense the same attention he gives the defense. This defense speciality stuff has been played enough. He was hired to be a head coach and run the whole team, not just the defense. Coach the whole team damn it!
  7. But at least he would have been highly prepared.....
  8. Good article, from the last comments in it, sounds like some changes are a commin. We shall see.
  9. Could it be that instead of firing Watson, that Osborne (and or Bo)is activily trying to find Wats a new job?
  10. I've seen some improvement, but not enough to say that I'd like our chances if Cody was the starter for the next two years. I think he may haver regressed a bit. His confidence is just not there.
  11. I tend to agree. One thing I learned in the Army is that a plan rarely survives after the first bullet is fired. They seem to have the talent, but there is a bullheadedness (hope that is a word) in the coaching staff in that they will not change their plan and take what the opponent is giving them. It is very important to have a plan going in, but for pete's sake you have to flexible. I am guessing the players know all the plays and just not the ones in the current game plan......
  12. Bo will decide, once he clears it with TO
  13. Both sides looked pathetic. But loved watching Nuehiesel ghet it handed to him.
  14. Just saw on Husker Extra that Fisher has broken his leg and Blue has torn an ACL in his knee.
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