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  1. A team made up of SEC linemen once won the badmitton world championships against a dominant Korean squad? I hope the tone of this thread is obvious...
  2. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken

    Huskers survived Top 25

    I bet if we sewed an SEC patch on our jerseys we'd be in the top 12.
  3. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken

    TMart....Why do you say things like this Man ??

    I like that the "bloggalists" only defense of the SEC is the Clowney hit. If single highlight reel hits define a conferences dominance, than I offer this as my rebuttal. Kenny Bells hit v Wisconsin > Clowneys hit v Michigan = Kenny Bell is the Best Defense in College Football
  4. managed to avoid a hangover this morning! grabbing breakfast and then off to the game.

  5. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken


    goldfinger, nickelback, and iron maiden are metal bands.
  6. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken

    Anyone headed to Orlando?

    I dont think I would otherwise, but seeing as I live in Orlando...
  7. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken

    HB Visits from Aliens - Pretty Decent

    speaking of aliens and tufftiger....
  8. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken

    Eric Crouch non penalty vs Martinez non penalty

    As was mentioned above, Jamal went over to Borland to say something, so it did appear SOMEONE on the team cared about Martinez. And I dont believe the slam was that bad. Yes, it looked awful, but having watched it again a few times, I'm giving Borland a little slack. When Borland and Martinez came into contact with eachother, neither seemed to have enough momentum to move the other, resulting in the little spinning move they both did when Borland had wrapped up Taylor. When you have a guy wrapped, and you have no momentum to tackle, the only thing you can do is pick the other guy up (or sweep the leg?). The spinning they were doing probably caused the suplex. Or whatever, I dont know.
  9. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken

    I need your help

    would love to have you join us in Orlando. the Pour House makes a pretty decent Runza, if youre into that. Youre about an hour and 15 away via toll roads.
  10. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken

    After 2 years, which team/fanbase do you dislike most in the Big Ten

    Iowa is like the neighbor kid you had to go play with once and a while, just because you lived next door. You never really thought much of him. His house always smelled weird, and his mom made awful sandwiches. He always wanted to play Street Fighter 2, and he'd always pick Blanka. He'd just sit there the whole game and do the stupid electricity move. I hated that kid.
  11. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken

    SEC Championship

    Ive got a roommate who's whole family is Alabama fans. Im cheering against them just for the sake of pissing him off, like any good roommate would.
  12. pretty pumped on getting all of my manly duties down around the house yesterday/this morning, so the girl will let me watch football all day.

  13. took my florida born and raised girlfriend to her first ever college football game last weekend, Neb vs. PennSt. She loved it, but I realized I have alot of work to do in teaching her about football.

    1. HuskerNationNick


      I take it as a blessing my girlfriends knows the gists of football lol. The only thing I have been trying to do, is convert her from a Hawkeye fan to a Husker fan lol.

    2. WoodyHayes1951


      How the hell does a Florida girl not like college football?


    3. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken


      @woodyhayes, no matter where you go, there will be perfectly good woman who know nothing about football.

  14. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken

    Turning the Corner

    i think we're turning "the" corner. i just feel like we're doing it like this...