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  1. I’ve been on here for years, mostly lurking, but I would post every now and then. With all of these ads, I think I’m done. I don’t mind some ads, it’s a free site, I get it. But this is ridiculous. There’s more ads than content at this point. I don’t even like coming here any more. Look at my phone screen lol
  2. You’d have found it, but you’re not one of the bag men. They can find the prophet in any situation.
  3. OK, everyone can relax. I found the clip. Shoutout to my boy Hingle McCringleberry!
  4. I 100% support athletes being able to profit from their own likeness. It's honestly baffling to me that it was widely accepted that they should not be allowed it. I am completely against the University paying athletes to play. They get paid via free tuition and not having to start adult life off $70k+ in debt.
  5. This is 100% correct. 11b reporting in. However, those that chose to make poor choices are punished for it. Barracks restrictions, CQ duty, f#&% f#&% games, smoke sessions, RFS and/or UCMJ. They are held to a standard that was laid out for them. If they fail to meet that standard, they pay the price. It’s called being an adult. I don’t see why we can’t or won’t treat adults in college the same way.
  6. Exactly. There are 14 year olds that are more mature than 40 year olds. This is why we as a society have selected a number that we feel is roughly when most people can be considered to be adults and they can make their own life decisions instead of having their parents/guardians do it for them. We do this because there is no test or physical development that states that a certain person is mature enough to be adult. Anyone over the age of 18, who is intelligent enough to not only pass high school, but can also get into college, learn complicated playbooks and juggle all of that at the same time as working out and practicing should absolutely be judged as a mature adult and treated as such.
  7. This dude’s name is straight out of a Key and Peele skit.
  8. Giving anyone a gun and telling them to go kill people isn’t good for them, regardless of age. if we are going to arbitrarily pick some number/age to say “this person is now an adult” then we should be consistent. If 18 is good enough for war, then I’m going to treat some college football player the same way. If we want to say, the age of adulthood is higher, like 25 or whatever number is bandied about these days, then that’s fine. But it damn well should be that way across the board. Until military minimum age is increased, I’m not going to hold any sympathy for college athletes.
  9. Mods, please allow me to +1 this post two or three times. You aren’t a kid if you can safely handle and fire a machine gun in combat. Damn well should be considered an adult, and be treated as such. These are grown a$$ men playing football and joining the military. Stop coddling them.
  10. Is he so big that his arms look small or are his arms small? Diameter-wise, I mean.
  11. Have we found out how the meeting between Frost and Mo went?
  12. Again, like Zrod and I said above, we feel that the hesitation came from having the whole playbook to go through, progress through all the diff reads on offense, AND the reads on defense. That’s going to slow you down mentally until you get it. Think back to when you first drove a car of the road. I still remember how overwhelming it was. What’s behind you, in front of you, how fast am I going, what’s to my side, how fast am I going, what did that sign say, how fast am I going, what’s behind me, where’s my turn at, how fast am I going, oh s#!t I need to merge, are there any cars there, how fast am I going, etc. Eventually it slows down and you catch on and can nearly do it on autopilot. Also, these are college players with limited practices and practice time who are still going through college. This isn’t the NFL where football is their full time job. If Adrian doesn’t have an amazing year next year, I’ll lick the bottom of my shoe that I use when I mow the yard full of dog dookie.
  13. I call shenanigans on this. We only saw Luke in scripted plays. He hasn’t shown that he knows the passing playbook or can go through his reads well enough to be a better option than Adrian even when injured. Luke is a heck of a runner, no question, but I don’t think he was ready to step up, knowledge-wise this year. Vedral could have been banged up or not getting game time for a myriad of reasons. We don’t and won’t know for sure either way. This is really only leaves us with just having to trust that Frost is making the right decisions...you know, as someone who won a championship as a quarterback. Anyone who thinks this program is not in the middle of a multi-year rebuild is fooling themselves. I’ll give Frost the same 3-4 years that I mentally gave Bo, Callahan, and Riley before starting to question their ability to get the job done. Only time will tell
  14. Narrator might be in on it too. You don’t know what’s under that jumpsuit.
  15. Crazy advice for someone who doesn’t really know what’s going on. Maybe they kidnapped his mom
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