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  1. Agree with this 100%. I haven't been impressed with Luke's throwing. If he hits Spielman on the trick play instride, it's a TD. Instead we settle for a 20 yard gain. He had a terrible pass to the left to Hickman that didn't even make it to Hickman. The throw was late and just looked terrible all around. Does he look like a better and more decisive runner than Martinez? Ya for sure. But I am not sold on him being a better QB than Martinez, even with his down year this year.
  2. I learned Nebraska can play a complete game.
  3. With all the talk from HCSF and some of the other players (Wan'dale) about guys not taking things seriously, not being focused, and not buying in, which JR/SR's do you see being sat down now that HCSF doesn't have to worry about burning redshirts? I could see the Davis twins and some of our O-line taking a seat.
  4. Is this a contender for premature post of the year?
  5. I’m having a difficult time justifying spending my hard earned money buying drugs for someone else, unless I’m getting to do butt stuff with them.
  6. I can’t criticize a guy hustling. Good on him for trying to make his way in this world. I just wish it was an actually well written article. And you know, just be honest about said hustling.
  7. Article writer doesn’t know the difference between having a “whale” of a season and a “wail” of a season. Stopped reading there. If they can’t even English, how can they football?
  8. We have a turd in the punch bowl.
  9. Even I think this is in poor taste. Best of luck to Ajou. Wish him the best, unless he plays us, ofc.
  10. Damn, his heart was so busy blocking itself that he couldn’t help anyone else learn to block.
  11. Jesus. He hits people like he had a bad childhood and he’s trying to share his pain with him.
  12. And yet I still love her. Let he who has never pooped themselves throw the first fresh pair of underwear.
  13. The best part of this is that last night when me and the GF were decorating the Christmas tree, she farted and then screamed “Oh God, I just s#!t myself” and ran off to the bathroom. I hear her like ten seconds later “oh no babe, I’ve got a$$pi$$”. True story.
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