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  1. roadrat

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    I'm not sure it's a bias against nebraska but the fact that the refs had a pow wow for 5 minutes and came out and tried to make it third down when it was really 2nd down shows the ineptness of the officials overall.
  2. roadrat

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    This should be called Riley's creampuff coaching. Face it no one bought into anything that smiling jackass was preaching and so the inmates decided to run the team. What was done about it? Nothing we smiled our way to what we have now. Frost has to get guys together (or get rid of them) on the same page that haven't been on the same page in their careers. It was very telling when Frost said "this is my team"
  3. roadrat

    Frost's staff grades thus far

    The coaches aren't playing. It would be better to grade the players and their efforts.
  4. roadrat

    Purdue Week Pressers

    After thinking about this game it reminded me somewhat of Frost's first road game at NU vs Arizona St. We were rated #1 and got shutout 19-0 and our offense looked beyond pitiful. Not saying were the 96 Huskers but sometimes you just don't have it.
  5. The fact is it appears UCF is better a hiring coaches the NU is.
  6. I think you have to look at the AD's that did the hiring. Petersen hired Callahan and Eichorst hired Riley, two incredibly laughable hirings. They replaced coaches only so they could make their mark on the program and what a mark they made. Byrne wanted Mack Brown and the godfather wanted Solich, so we know how that went. So really 3 out of 4 and maybe all of them should have never been here. If you think about all the coaches, they all had great ideas when hired, but never followed up. Bo said we are going to run the ball and we're stuck with Watson as the OC. Riley said running the ball 50% of the time would be great and then lets a stupid OC throw the ball all over the stadium. Callahan-Not sure what he was trying to do cause his west coast offense never did amount to much and I remember his QB's being killed all game long.
  7. roadrat

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    In case we forgot, Football games are won at the line of scrimmage. It's been that way forever. On one of Michigan's early touchdowns they pushed the entire Nebraska defense into the end zone. End of story.
  8. roadrat

    Were we better last year?

    It's mostly the same group of players (specifically) offensive lineman that make the offense go. These guys have never been good.
  9. roadrat

    Nick Saban was 6-6 his first year at Bama.....

    Good grief, Riley never started 0-2? Who cares, he finished 0-4!!!
  10. Frost is here for the long term. We didn't hire him to fix everything that was left for dead in 5 minutes. Check back at season's end and see if this team hasn't improved.
  11. roadrat

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    We learned an old lesson. You can't lose the turnover battle.
  12. roadrat

    Frost Mismanaged Clock like Riley

    The fact we have to talk about Riley is stupid. Any Riley team down 14-0 losses this game 56-0. I don't give a dam when they snap the ball. Execute your offense and get first downs and no one worries about clock management.
  13. roadrat

    ****Official Colorado Score Prediction****

    NU-30 CU-24 I hope I'm right but it's a nervous prediction. I think our young guys have a few turnovers in them.
  14. roadrat

    All Pelini Team

    I can't believe Martinez completed 60% of his passes when we just had a guy who thinks he's going to NFL that couldn't hit that mark. TMart's game against Kansas St. gives him the slight edge over Ganz. I enjoyed Ganz, but you could always count on him to throw a pick at a bad time.
  15. roadrat

    Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    He played behind a horrible offensive line that refused to block. Wouldn't be shocked if he does okay in NFL since college success doesn't mean a hell of a lot on Sunday's.