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  1. Iowa-42 NU-17 Rushing-135 Passing-125
  2. Frost said big 10 teams would have to adapt to our style of offense. Well that took about 5 minutes. We have no fricking idea what we are trying to do. Might as well line up in the I formation and run the ball 45 times, throw a couple of passes to the tight end and call it a day cause this trying to be cute and make a big splash plays ain't working.
  3. Frost still fails to put the most talented players on the field. Where was Betts today? what happened to you let the guys play hard and don't mind the mistakes if they play hard. Frost is living in the 90's where you can't play the young guys cause they don't know the system. He didn't coach that way at UCF. Today's players either get on the field or they transfer. The list of excuses gets smaller every week.
  4. this offense is a turnover machine. Effort is so troubling. Defense never stopped Illinois today (yes Illinois).
  5. Probably mentioned already but the play calling is a bigger problem than who is the QB. Every week we run up and down the field on our scripted plays and then the rest of the game it's like what should we do now. It surprises me that an offensive mindset of Frost and Lubick basically get shut out in the second half of games. I see we have tight end who is probably tall enough to catch a pass in the end zone. Maybe do something like that in the red zone instead of having QB run into a wall on 3 straight plays hoping he can break free.
  6. PSU 42 NU- 28 Ground-285 Pass-185 Every week we hear we have to do better at this or that. Instead of talk, get out there and win a game.
  7. Really hard to predict since Covid is lurking around. Teams lose a few key players and season is over.
  8. Sports illustrated is still around huh.
  9. so the hotmic is not as accurate as the aquarium guy?
  10. could they at least voted or whatever the hell they did before they agreed on a schedule.
  11. Hopefully, this get's squared away. Kicking game with no abilities to kick field goals and short crappy kickoffs probably kept us from going bowling last year.
  12. Bengals better turn it around or the whole staff will be jobless.
  13. I never want to see that play inside either ours or the opponents 10 yd line. We need some more talent at tight end. Every time they caught the ball they fell down. Some of those guys were horrible blockers on the perimeter. Finally, it looked as the season wore on we were way too predictable, but that's probably cause most of our weapons were injured.
  14. Good for KC, but Niners another team that goes away from what got them there. After second Mahomes pick, and niners up by 10, they gain 8 yds rushing and then decide to throw the ball. We see it all the time. I don't get it.
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