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  1. Any smart AD will not claim we will play for national championships. He will also need a couple of years to evaluate whether Frost is putting the team into a position to win either by prepping for the game or in game coaching. He has to do those 2 things well because coming to the podium every week saying "I don't know what happened" or "we will fix it" is just garbage in my book.
  2. Sometimes changes take place earlier then planned for several reasons. Namely the successor may be available now. With fall sports around the corner they probably feel it's a good time to get someone in the position now or maybe Moos reconsidered his decision about staying through his contract. It's not like he has to go find a job on Thursday.
  3. I don't know if any team messes up as much as we do. One good play, then a false start, a 5yd pass in the flat followed by a sack, INT, holding call or fumble. I'm sure we've had some great plays called but we'll never know cause we couldn't get out of our own way. Until players start accepting accountability for the dumbs things occurring, it's not going to change.
  4. The big ten will decide what's gonna happen this year. They will decide how many fans will be in the stands. Let's not assume everything is going to be back to normal.
  5. That's exactly what I see. I saw plays in the championship game that we run and they went for big gains. We run them and we get stuffed.
  6. I think Scott said something to the effect had they known the big 10 was going to delay season they wouldn't have brought the players in so early. They're probably tired of being tested and locked up. I mean they are college students. I think we've sent teams to bowl games that didn't want to play and got embarrassed.
  7. NU 31 Rutgers-21 Rushing-144 Passing-160
  8. NU -24 PU-42 Rushing-157 Passing-205
  9. I just don't think it has sunk in yet to Scott it's 2020, not 1997. You're players weren't born yet when Nebraska was relevant. Stop trying to inflict the team with "this is how we do it at Nebraska". Be your own man and have fun out there. No one looks like they are having fun out there. The lineman can't get the snap count right for some reason or they can't do what they are being coached to do....Block somebody. I'm a Frost supporter but my gosh, things should be better in year 3, not because the fans say so it's because it's now your players, your team and they don't look very inspired.
  10. It seems we have plenty of places that need improvement, so Frost tells recruits you will compete for the open jobs and when they get here they stand on the sidelines. Our offense really doesn't look very complex to anyone does it? It's not like a bunch of motion or anything. Frost came here and said he would play young guys with no fear of failure. I see a lot of failure on the field because the 3 basic plays we keep running aren't allowing anyone to succeed.
  11. It's way past time to get rid of the 3-4 defense experiment. Hell I'd rather see a 5-2 front as leaky as we are against the run.
  12. Iowa-42 NU-17 Rushing-135 Passing-125
  13. Frost said big 10 teams would have to adapt to our style of offense. Well that took about 5 minutes. We have no fricking idea what we are trying to do. Might as well line up in the I formation and run the ball 45 times, throw a couple of passes to the tight end and call it a day cause this trying to be cute and make a big splash plays ain't working.
  14. Frost still fails to put the most talented players on the field. Where was Betts today? what happened to you let the guys play hard and don't mind the mistakes if they play hard. Frost is living in the 90's where you can't play the young guys cause they don't know the system. He didn't coach that way at UCF. Today's players either get on the field or they transfer. The list of excuses gets smaller every week.
  15. this offense is a turnover machine. Effort is so troubling. Defense never stopped Illinois today (yes Illinois).
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