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  1. 1 carry in 2 years. Just look at him as being well-rested.
  2. they did say Nebraska players had the flu, so maybe they just wanted to get to the locker room.
  3. I think the idea is to play to your strengths. Whipple had a Heisman candidate, running the ball would be stupid, so why the concern over Pitts run/pass ratio. Alabama didn't beat GA pounding the rock. Our problem has been trying to play big 10 football. Get an accurate passer, much like Purdue does. Get two or 3 scores ahead and let MN, IA and WI pound the rock all they want and let them have their 8 minute drives and see if they can catch up.
  4. I find it laughable the rest of the country is worrying about what Nebraska is doing. We have hardly been a force to contend with for a long time. I also haven't checked to see what Venables record as a head coach has been. Oh that's right, he's never been a head coach.
  5. When our offensive line faced guys at NFL quality, they got squashed. That's all any of them should know about going to the draft and not worry about what someone is telling them. Someone made a good point that perhaps Trev stayed behind to discuss potential hirings. Is every unhappy athlete is going to run to Trev? How many ran to Eichorst.....I'm guessing none
  6. Hopefully people keep in mind that most media members are not Nebraska fans. Listen to USC for five minutes and it's pretty obvious. They were even trying to pick at Joseph saying he was not a good QB. Guess that's why Barry Switzer wanted him so badly. They like pot stirring whenever possible to bring in listeners. Twitter has brought about tons of misinformation for years in sports and news and people think tweets are facts but, they are really someones opinion.
  7. I hope players aren't crying over the coaches they were responsible for getting fired. Convince me the offensive line played for their coach.
  8. They don't have to bring people here. Moos hired Scott in Philly and no one knew what was happening till Runzas started falling out of his suit pockets.
  9. I think NU defense is too beat up and here it is a short week yet. Iowa will eventually just run us over.
  10. I doesn't look like our wide receivers fight very hard for the football. I guess they don't realize they are entitled to try to catch it
  11. who cares, he might not even be here.
  12. Frost takes a gamble, changes offensive staff but wants to continue to have the same QB who is one reason Scott may have a brief head-coaching career? I don't get it.
  13. Yant had one big game against NW. Otherwise he spent the season tripping over his own feet and running into Martinez.
  14. We are the only team in the big 10 that doesn't run a big 10 offense. We'd rather make wild throws all over the field instead of controlling the line of scrimmage and holding on to the ball. Whatever horses#!t offense we are trying to do, it needs to go. Finally pack the QB coach bags and get him out of here. He's done nothing to improve the QB position since in 4 yrs
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