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  1. When did Nebraska stop offering authentic jerseys? I have one from the Big 12 days, but when I go on Fanatics and Nebraska's official website, the best I see is the Premier Jersey, which doesn't have sewn on numbers on the sleeves, along with the Big 10 logo, which is no longer embroidered. 

    1. Street Novelist

      Street Novelist

      Anyone know?

  2. MLB players are complaining that the new pants are, get this, see-through. F*ckin amateur hour from Nike :facepalm:

    1. Mavric


      Should have gone with Adidas.

    2. Moiraine


      Haven't seen them yet, but this past season the Nike pants had this weird mesh thing that made it looked like there were little dots all over the hamstrings, and for years all of their white pants make it look like they're wearing diapers.


  3. ESPN is reporting Chip Kelly will be the new OC at Ohio State!  

  4. Man! That beatdown Notre Dame just gave Navy...woof!

  5.  R.I.P. PAC 12    8/4/2023

  6. What program can I use on my Android phone that will stop YouTube from pausing videos? I listen to ASMR on my phone when sleeping and it always pauses, asking me if I'm still there.

    1. RedDenver


      Looks like you might be able to prevent it on a computer browser but not android: https://www.technipages.com/how-to-stop-youtube-from-asking-if-you-want-to-continue-watching/

    2. Street Novelist

      Street Novelist

      @RedDenver It has to work for my phone. That's the problem I keep running in to.

    3. RedDenver


      Best I can tell, you can't disable it on android.

  7. So the Northwestern football players just hired Ben Crump to represent them. I hope NW have some good lawyers because... 

    1. Loe Doesnt Know

      Loe Doesnt Know

      Yes, I think this could get really ugly for the School and it's board. Can't imagine, with today's polarization of any two-sided issue, what it would be like in high level meetings right now. How much finger pointing and blaming is occurring. I'd guess there's a huge rift between the Administrative side and Athletic Department side. So far there's assumed 2 law suits forthcoming. The 8 student athletes suing the school and Fitz's lawsuit. Man, I feel for the athletes.. Heartbreaking for them I'm sure.  

  8. Looking for a new car stereo for my 97 Acura 2.2 CL. Dimensions are 7 x 4. Needs cd player, HD radio, USB port for charging phone, Bluetooth and a front auxiliary port. Any suggestions?

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    2. teachercd



      One of the best trucks I have EVER seen...the Back to the Future truck that Marty McFly drives!  That black one.

    3. admo


      @teachercd Yass!  I loved that truck! chuckleshuffle


      My 93 Ford looked similar but more like this:


      1993 Ford F-150 Flareside XLT Pickup Truck for sale in Colborne ...

    4. Street Novelist
  9. Well that was a dud! 

  10. That 1994 tunnel walk...I hope one day we can get back to that level of intensity.

  11. BIG win for Nebraska! Not only does it eliminate Iowa from being the West champs and going to the CCG, but it ends our losing streak of 7 years to them! And to do it in a year where our coach is fired after only 3 games! 

    1. TonyStalloni


      I'll savor this one for awhile.

  12. R.I.P. Husker football...the rebuild it's going to take to make this program competitive will be enormous

  13. I have this sick feeling in my stomach that OU is going to give us a royal beat down. I hope I'm wrong.

  14. So, who's going to be our QB next season? I haven't been following closely. Thompson, Purdy, Torres?

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    2. Street Novelist

      Street Novelist

      @TonyStalloni Not trolling...I haven't been following the QB competition. 

    3. TonyStalloni


      Sorry....I probably could have stated it differently. I don't recognize sarcasm very well and several people here use it. Thompson (most starting experience), Purdy (good talent and quarterback mindset) and Smothers (4th year in the program and did well in his first start vs Iowa) are quite a ways ahead of Harburg, Torres and the rest of the walk on QBs. Jarrett Synek is a walk on who looked very good in the spring game I thought.

    4. Street Novelist
  15. Has anyone ever used the windshield wipes from the 99 cent store on your car? I was thinking of using them on my dirty headlights. 

    1. Xmas32


      Are they foggy or just dirty?  I've used toothpaste and baking soda in the past.



  16. Imagine how much easier our schedule would be year in and year out if we had stayed in the Big 12. 

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      @RedDenver Maybe so. It’s getting really hard to figure out who is serious about what anymore. I’ve seen some pretty wild stuff in the last couple weeks :lol:

    3. Street Novelist

      Street Novelist

      People gave us so much s#!t for leaving the Big 12. Now that Texas and OU are gone, who would we lose to? OK State? Our road would be so much easier. Now, we have Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin and, surprisingly, Michigan State. Unless we get a brand new coaching staff who knows what the f#&% they are doing, I don't see us competing for the Big 10; hell, I don't even know if we are even close to competing for the Big 10 West.  

    4. RedDenver


      @JJ Husker sorry, looks like I was wrong. OP is for some reason not being sarcastic.

  17. On foxsports.com/replays, it has a lock sign on all of the games. Does anyone know how to access them?

  18. Does anyone know where I can see a replay of the game? I missed the first half.

  19. Finally, a night game on ABC!

  20. Was anyone else bored watching the "game" yesterday? I really tried to get into it, but I just couldn't get attached. Maybe the whole no tackling in the first half affected my enthusiasm?

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    2. teachercd


      Even the people at the rail yard (it was packed) were not really into it, I get it, it is a practice, and the team has been lame.  I wonder if we will start to see a shift of being a school that has lame football but a fun tailgate/bar experience. 

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      So the tailgate and bars were up to snuff?

    4. teachercd


      O street was weird, Brothers never opened, Sandy's never opened.  


      Not sure about the tailgating. 

  21. I don't think we will ever be able to compete for a national championship again. Too much going against us. Talent disparity, other teams upgrading their facilities, every game now on television...I wonder what real advantages we have anymore.

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    2. NoLongerN
    3. Enhance


      Unless the NCAA and college football as a whole are willing to commit to developing a more equitable system, then I tend to agree. I don't necessarily think Nebraska will compete for a title. At least not with any measure of consistency.


      I readily acknowledge that CFB is cyclical, but the disparity between programs is not getting any better and it's at perhaps its worst point in history. Nebraska had half the formula figured out in 2009 to compete for a national championship. Even an average to above average offense could've meant a national title berth. It didn't happen, and unless we're able to catch lightning in a bottle again, I don't see it happening.

    4. BigRedBuster


      I wouldn't say "never".  That's an awfully long time.


      But, what we need to be working towards is being that 9-3 or 10-2 team regularly.  If we can get to that point, it's possible to every once in a while have that special team that gets into the playoffs.  If we can do that, anything can happen.


      I firmly believe there is no reason why we can't be that 9-3 or 10-2 team consistently.  

  22. Can someone tell me why the 4k and Blu-Ray versions of Goodfellas are completely sold out? Amazon, Best Buy and the other major retailers don't have them. Did they go out of print?

    1. Decoy73


      It's now on Netflix.  Maybe temporarily stoping production of the disc's, etc was part of the agreement??

      It's one of my favorites for sure!

    2. C N Red

      C N Red

      The Dems probably dont like them so their cancelling and removing them.

  23. Does anyone think Harbaugh will see his final year or be terminated before?

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    2. TonyStalloni


      Curious what rout the Wulvarines would go for a new coach. They haven't had much luck with "Michigan" guys but they didn't with Rich Rod either. 

    3. Cdog923


      I honestly don't know that they have the cache to fire him there, even as not-good as he's been. 

    4. Loe Doesnt Know

      Loe Doesnt Know

      doubt he'll be terminated. cash flows are significantly down as a result of the conference's decision to play in empty seats with fewer games. I think most power 5 head coaches are safe this year.

  24. Kids are still playing basketball at the park, so the city had to physically take down the hoop, rim and all. desperate times call for desperate measures I guess

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    2. BigRedBuster


      Want to know the funny thing?  I used to hear about how "kids these days never get out of the house and play games like basketball at the park.....all they do is sit at home and play video games."  Ummm.....I guess that isn't necessarily true.

    3. Enhance


      @JJ Husker agreed. That spring breaker story making the rounds the last day or two was a real trigger moment for me.

      There was also full on cookout at my neighborhood park with like 15-20 people a few days ago, and there were families on the playground equipment 3-4 days ago as well. City came and put signs up yesterday and even some fencing around the playground.

    4. HuskerNBigD


      @BigRedBuster I was talking about this exact situation to someone yesterday. In Dallas, the parks and trails have become way too crowded for distancing purposes. It's like now that people are forced to stay home, they want to get outside. I don't get it at all; when they're not forced to stay home they're more than happy to be inside and on their phones, watch tv, play videogames, etc. Some psychological warfare going on.

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