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  1. The Houston Astros' press conference was horrendous; basically a PR lesson in what not to do. The owner literally got caught lying. Watch the clip.

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    2. STL Husker

      STL Husker

      No offense, and I like most things you post, but that is a garbage take.  Signs given by the catcher shouldn't have to be over complicated.   They use multiple signs with a runner on 2nd because that runner has a good view of the catcher.  In every other situation, there should be no reason to worry about your signs getting stolen, they are just used so the batter doesn't know what's coming.  Have you seen how painfully slow the game gets when a catcher has to start using multiple signs with a runner on base?  If so many people are worried about speeding the game up, we can not be having a catcher giving multiple signs on every single pitch just because the opposing team might have a camera set on him.

    3. teachercd


      I am not worried about speeding up the game.  MLB's concern on this has nothing to do with the game speed, it has to do with gambling.


      And no offense taken, I like most things i post too.

    4. Huskerzoo


      I'm not sorry, you're sorry!

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