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  1. I don't think we will ever be able to compete for a national championship again. Too much going against us. Talent disparity, other teams upgrading their facilities, every game now on television...I wonder what real advantages we have anymore.

    1. TonyStalloni


      In a previous status it was discussed that we are in the fifth tier of competitive teams. Bama, Clemson and OSU are going to get more 5 stars between themselves than the rest of college football combined. Georgia, Penn St, Florida and Oklahoma will mop up the 4 stars that the Big Three don't use. The top two tiers churn out top players and only see a few transfer every year. It gives them a huge advantage in big games when they can trot out a group of seniors who have been well coached and played four years in some cases. 


      We may have to follow Iowa State's plan and recruit as high as possible then coach them up into a 9-3 team or maybe 10-2 occasionally. That is being very positive for a team without a winning record in 4 years. If we can once get over the hump and win the west then give OSU a run for their money we might get on a roll.

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