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  1. I am confused, why did he take his photo? I thought Tommi was suspended.
  2. Gary Sharpe on 1620 has been hinting/talking about Sallis and lately has been making veiled comments about Hepburn potentially leaving Wisky also, though he hasn’t made the link to NU like he did for Sallis. He is pretty tuned in so I have to assume there is some smoke for both of them, not sure on Traudt.
  3. By all accounts Smothers loves it at NU, he has passed up previous chances to transfer, including when he was passed over in favor of a transfer QB. If the decision is left up to him, I don’t think he leaves, perhaps he is a medical retirement candidate?
  4. Very good session, some great nuggets in there.
  5. That is easy, Shay does followed by Luke Jensen.
  6. Yeah, Clark got several bad breaks in that game and it is clear he doesn’t quite yet have the answer in tough situations. He has been a bit up and down so far in the early season, his stuff is good though so I am hopeful he learns from an outing like this and matures as we get into conference season. Overall I like the way the team is playing right now. Lots of good things to build on going forward.
  7. It was like watching a story book ending, just everything lining up to crest the perfect scenario for a soul cleansing win. I remember watching the ‘84 OB, but I was only 7 at the time, so mostly I remember my Dad cussing at the game. ‘94 OB though I remember like it was yesterday, man that one hurt, still pissed at the non-fumble call.
  8. Football victory followed up by a season sweep in b-ball, suck it squawkeyes!!!!!
  9. Or Trey could be a 4.33 guy and be the fastest WR at this year’s combine…….
  10. Made himself some money today, good for him
  11. Huskers pounded out 18 hits in this one. Jace Kaminska had 6 strong scoreless innings to get the win only giving up 4 hits and 1 walk. Overall strong outing by the squad.
  12. 12-3 going to bottom 9. They had bases loaded with 1 out and couldn’t get a run in. One of the few times this game they haven’t capitalized on their opportunities.
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