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  1. Don’t forget a strong recruiting class coming in, including Drew Christo. Bolt has done well on the trail and baseball is a sport where young bucks can make a difference quickly.
  2. I think it might be a part of SF’s mad genius plan to restore the order
  3. I am pretty sure that all others who were held out of Spring Ball from the beginning are expected back at full strength for Fall Ball. I found the April 7th Presser where Frost addressed most of those guys. Losing Fidone and Honas for potentially the season is tough, but overall it looks like the team will be pretty health going into the Fall.
  4. Do you come from a naturally strong family?
  5. They replaced one FCS opponent with another FCS opponent, I am not sure what everyone was expecting with such a short notice. Fordham isn't a powerhouse by any means, but they have been in the FCS playoffs as recently as 2015 under Joe Moorhead. They also pulled off wins against Army (coached by Monken - yes I am still pissed about that one) in 2015 and Temple (coached by Matt Ruhle) in 2016. Admittedly both of those wins were over 2 win teams, both teams didn't turn the corner until the next season after losing to Fordham. That all being said, Fordham has struggled since Moorhead
  6. Nope, it is a Jesuit school in NY. It has a good academic reputation, at least on the East Coast.
  7. I came back to the radio call right after the inside the park HR. Rutgers said something after the HR?
  8. I had to stop listening during the 3rd, what was the dust up the announcers are referring to? Something about the play at the plate by NU to get the out?
  9. Good question, Indiana also has 2 to make up I believe. Perhaps B1G will go to winning % instead.
  10. Red by a mile. Also Honas is listed, interesting.
  11. IU has good pieces, but they have played a much softer schedule than NU and UM so far. They haven’t played Iowa, NU, UM, or Maryland yet, it is hard to tell how good they really are. They have a gauntlet to run over their last 16-17 games, they have had 2 postponed games that they will have to make up to play an even number of games with NU and UM. They get Iowa this weekend, then a road trip to NJ for a 4 game series against NU and RU, then an away series against UM. They also have 2 games left with OSU, who swept a 4 game series against IU earlier this year. I think IU will have trouble keep
  12. 3 things I will be looking for: 1. Are the blocking their nuts off? 2. Are they doing some good things out there? 3. The strain
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