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  1. Agreed, what I see is steady improvement year over year at both schools. Both of those jobs were also full offensive rebuilds so starting low was expected, the amount of improvement he was able to make is impressive IMO. Nebraska doesn't need a rebuild on offense, it needs someone to take it from decent to good/great.
  2. Not sure if Harrell will work or not, but excuse me for pointing out that a sample size of 1 doesn’t indicate make you Nostradamus.
  3. Not sure what you disagree with about OU having a balanced running attack. They constantly have a 1,000 yard back and another with 400+ on top of QB yards. They run between the tackles and outside, it isn’t an option only scheme. In 2019 there too 2 RB’s went for 1,011 and for 515, plus 1,298 from Hurts. In 2018 their top 2 RB’s went for 1,056 and 947, plus 1,001 from Murray. In 2017 their top 3 backs went for 1,161, 744, and 542, plus 311 from Mayfield. Not sure how you get a more balanced rushing attack than that.
  4. Not sure what OU team you have been watching over the past 7 years, but Lincoln Riley has been adamant, and on record, about having a good running attack. Below are his rankings in rushing O at OU as both an OC and HC. The last two years were a drop off, last year due to COVID and personnel issues, and he has mentioned how the running attack this year has been an issue holding them back. Their best offensive years have been when they can run it well, he is on record stating as such. Not saying Harrell would do the same under SF, but it is possible to blend Air Raid with a dominant running attack. Rushing Ranks 2015 - 23rd (OC) 2016 - 18th (OC) 2017 - 27th (HC) 2018 - 11th (HC) 2019 - 14th (HC) 2020 - 49th (HC) 2021 - 54th (HC)
  5. Lincoln Riley is an Air Raid disciple. He has added a balanced running attack with option elements included while at OU under Stoops. No reason SF can’t have the same input on Harrell’s scheme at NU.
  6. Can you imagine how fired up JP would be on the sidelines?
  7. There have been reports that Baylor admin have put spending freezes on the athletic department. They took a hit during COVID and also are expecting conference revenue to drop significantly after OU and Texas leave. Staying in the Big XII may not be that appealing to Grimes despite Baylor being Conference champs.
  8. Lincoln Riley’s background was as an air raid coach originally, played at TT under Leach and started his coaching career there under Leach as well. He created a more balanced scheme under Stoops as the OC, I am guessing because Stoops made sure the run would be heavily involved in the scheme. Harrell could be similar under SF and find a way to blend in a robust running attack with his air raid passing concepts.
  9. Could be, but it also could be Trev being overly cautious to ensure nothing details SF’s efforts to try and turn around the program. If a player such as Jurgens were to start to bad mouth SF publicly because of a disagreement that would be a bad look, especially after SF has been his biggest supporter. I could see Trev wanting to ensure that the situation wasn’t about to blow up.
  10. I completely disagree, he is a really good player. People need to get beyond snap gate, which he solved this year, and rewatch games to see just how good he really is.
  11. I thought I heard on the radio it it could be as high as 3rd round, especially since he will most likely test really really well, but who knows. He had a really good year under the radar. Watching him pull and destroy dudes was fun, wish he would stay, but if he gets that high of a grade I don’t blame him. On the other hand, if he is getting that kind of feedback now, then staying another year could put him in 1-2 round territory, money jumps significantly as well.
  12. Yup, easy to see how both of those conversations could get testy. Doesn’t mean there is a rift between SF and the players, not even with Jurgens or 2AM. Part of having a close relationship means having disagreements at times.
  13. Edit - I see what you meant now after re-reading your post. My bad
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