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  1. Can’t play if you don’t want to go to class or be a teammate.
  2. The Blackshirts have done a excellent job so far, now we need to see if they need time to readjust to whatever Iowa adjusts to. Hopefully it is more of the same.
  3. I think Frost should have given 2AM a shot for the whole 2nd half. He definitely has higher upside in the passing game. Now that teams see the limited passing game playbook Luke can actually execute, they will shut him down like they did today. Routes were wide open, but Luke doesn’t read the field very well nor can he make the throws. I think people are starting to see that Luke can look great in limited doses when he gets to rep a limited set of plays and doesn’t shoulder the load.
  4. If it were Army, I would argue they have been more stringent. That being said the Husker fan in me wants no part of my alma mater at this point. 3 days to prep for a really good triple option attack, no thanks. On the other hand, I would get to celebrate either way so I can drink happy.....
  5. Yup, I saw that and updated my post.
  6. You are limited to a total of 150 tested people I believe ---edit--- the number is actually 170 so 146 does seem low compared to what they are allotted. One would think they would max out their roster size to that number.
  7. As much as I loved watching my Alma Mater play and open a can of whoop a$$, the Academies are apples and oranges compared to other universities. They can test ALL students frequently, restrict cadets to post, put teachers and staff through rigorous screening/testing protocols, and they also control what a visiting team has to do before coming onto post (I believe Middle TN had to come 2 weeks early and all got tested). Essentially West Point created a bubble for the corps, not sure any other university can even come close to what they did. I loved having a team I root for play on Sat
  8. https://www.stadiumpal.com/product/stadium-pal-kit/
  9. Wow, 92% returning on Offense. That is pretty good, I like their chances to be good on that side of the ball this year with what they added in recruiting as well.
  10. Well the HC does have WR coach on his resume so it is possible he would take them on.
  11. One crazy theory I had today was maybe Walters is going to LSU? Isn’t their young OC rumored to be leaving after tonight for better gig? Maybe DONU is doing a coaching trade of sorts.
  12. That would be interesting, that would make 4 separate HC's he worked for as an Assistant Coach at the same university. That has to be some kind of record.
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