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  1. Wait, can you slow down? Not sure I read that right , did you say Rhule only coached 1 good season at a P5 school? Can you please repeat that to be sure?
  2. Except Rhule isn’t a single highlight Coach. He has coached Temple to 2 10 win seasons and a conference title over 4 seasons. He then went on to build Baylor to a 11 win team over 3 seasons. He has 7 years of college HC experience vs SF who only had 2 seasons; including 3 at a power 5 level, which SF didn’t have.
  3. They pulled several gems out of Texas after joining the B1G, the biggest issue was that Riley didn’t recruit TX at all and that dried the pipeline. SF started to try again to a lesser extent, but Rhule’s connections should help re-invigorate that.
  4. Not necessarily, Bo and others pulled top level talents out of Texas such as Rex, Jamal, and others, it is possible to pull a few top level players from TX each year. Rhule’s connections surly help that.
  5. He got LAID out! Awesome block by MW!
  6. Congratulations to Trey! Awesome show today and I am glad he is having a big game today.
  7. True, also means Rhule has built connections in PA and TX, his TX connections have been lauded by pundits actually, so that would help you would think.
  8. I agree, your posting quality leaves a lot to be desired.
  9. TA said he was not going to hire someone just to win the first presser, that was a reference to the SF hire. His point was that he was going to hire who he feels is the right candidate based his research. That being said, if a person is the right candidate, you don’t NOT hire him if he also happens to be a good presser guy.
  10. I am not following, are you implying that TA hired Rhule because he will win the presser?
  11. The only one of those three I would take over Rhule is Fickell.
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