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  1. Wow, 92% returning on Offense. That is pretty good, I like their chances to be good on that side of the ball this year with what they added in recruiting as well.
  2. Well the HC does have WR coach on his resume so it is possible he would take them on.
  3. One crazy theory I had today was maybe Walters is going to LSU? Isn’t their young OC rumored to be leaving after tonight for better gig? Maybe DONU is doing a coaching trade of sorts.
  4. That would be interesting, that would make 4 separate HC's he worked for as an Assistant Coach at the same university. That has to be some kind of record.
  5. I continue to be amazed how a lot of people seem to gloss over T-Magic’s Jr. year. Heck he was B1G Offensive Player of the Year that season! Injury certainly slowed him down the back end of his Freshman year, man I wish he had gone down sooner on that fateful run against Missery!, and he caused his own demise his senior year with that fateful kick, but boy he was awesome a large part of his career.
  6. McCaffrey also played a lot of WR in HS before his senior year so it is a position change he should be able to make quicker than most.
  7. Assuming he comes back next year, he will shatter the receiving records at DONU. Stanley indicated that he expected JD to do so right after he graduated, very quietly one of the most prolific careers in recent memory. I hope he comes back for only the selfish reason to get to watch him play more.
  8. Also signifies CLOSING TIME and 2AM is the Closer.......
  9. So anyone else interested in starting a team and offering to play DONU for $1mm+?
  10. Mavric indicated earlier in this thread that BS was losing money running this site. It costs money for software licenses, server space, etc. It seems that the limited advertising and donor program wasn't enough for BS to be able to keep this site running on his own. The sale to David was probably motivated as much by that and BS's inability to spend more time on building HB up to be cost neutral to run or better due to his young family.
  11. IMO it is still pretty annoying, there are more than a few banned HB posters over there. I am less worried about those posters coming over as I am about the change on board layout turning off the posters here resulting in a vibe change. Time will tell I guess.
  12. How do you know he didn’t? It is pretty clear that he made a run at Childress.
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