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  1. Also signifies CLOSING TIME and 2AM is the Closer.......
  2. So anyone else interested in starting a team and offering to play DONU for $1mm+?
  3. Mavric indicated earlier in this thread that BS was losing money running this site. It costs money for software licenses, server space, etc. It seems that the limited advertising and donor program wasn't enough for BS to be able to keep this site running on his own. The sale to David was probably motivated as much by that and BS's inability to spend more time on building HB up to be cost neutral to run or better due to his young family.
  4. IMO it is still pretty annoying, there are more than a few banned HB posters over there. I am less worried about those posters coming over as I am about the change on board layout turning off the posters here resulting in a vibe change. Time will tell I guess.
  5. I really, really miss #8
  6. How do you know he didn’t? It is pretty clear that he made a run at Childress.
  7. I threw a lot of kids at 103 and 112, most out of a sprawl and front quarter nelson. Pop his head down to the mat a few times and they will pop their head up and you can throw a front pancake.
  8. And yet T-Magic was B1G OPY as a Junior..........
  9. Got it, I see what you were looking at now. Thanks.
  10. Agreed. Huskers played a tough early non-con and the pitching held up pretty well for the most part. They have the arms to compete, need the young bats to keep improving.
  11. I want that hat that Barrett is wearing.
  12. I may have to start saying that also, it is kind of catchy.
  13. That seems pretty agressive, normally invites only allow for a plus one......
  14. Funny thing, I feel 1620 has been pretty noncommittal, at least for Sharp & Benning and Gametime. Don’t listen to USC as much so can’t speak for them.
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