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  1. Man that is horrible for Will, it seemed he was ready to have a pretty good year. I wonder if he will try play again next year or try and make a NFL practice squad instead?
  2. Is it though really? I mean he now has a bunch of little threads all over this message board……
  3. The difference between your example and what happened is that Arky fans went after his Mom and GF and not just Mojo. Mojo can take it and will dish it back just as quick, leave his family out of it.
  4. When the fans go after a player’s GF and Mom and spreading their information to others online that is going way too far.
  5. For him, money isn't as high a priority as it normally might be, Monte has done pretty well for himself. Indications are that Drew really wants to play for NU and it will take a large incentive to change his mind, probably higher than the slotting value he would be offered. This could all be posturing, but it sure seems like Drew is leaning towards playing for the Huskers.
  6. Biggest difference between Miles and Bolt is that Bolt has momentum on the recruiting trail, he has an impressive class coming in for next year and great starts for the next few cycles.
  7. I think it depends on his draft grade, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he came back.
  8. Especially how they treated Mojo and his family
  9. Well we knew it would come to Bunz, come on big guy!!!
  10. It hit him in the box, by rule a foul ball
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