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  1. Isn’t that true for almost all teams through the first 6 games though? Reality is that 2AM has played a stronger schedule than almost every other team to this point and his numbers are at the top or near the top in every category. Fact is that for one of the tougher schedules to date 2AM has performed better than almost every other QB.
  2. Can’t wait to see it in person, but that pre-4th quarter party looked AWESOME!!! Pics from my Dad.
  3. Ask @Lorewarn, that is his hobby
  4. Did you watch the same NU-Buffalo game the rest of us did? The same game in which they only scored 3 points? The same game that the Blackshirts held UB to just 135 yards rushing, 224 yards passing, and 359 total offensive yards? How about a Blackshirt squad that has held one of the top offensive teams in recent history to their lowest point total in several years?
  5. This is what you choose to comment on? If you really have been watching all of the games just to see if SF has his wedding ring on then I would say you have interesting priorities to say the least.
  6. I don’t think you are giving FCS football enough credit. You do realize that a FCS QB went 3rd in this year’s draft right? There are tons of FCS players who play in the NFL, in fact 110 FCS players made 53 man NFL rosters this past week after final cut downs; several more will end up on rosters with different teams.
  7. Radio pregame says Gabe Ervin will start
  8. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?view=detail&mid=D727F86647F6F881B593D727F86647F6F881B593&q=nathan fillion memes&shtp=GetUrl&shid=7591e615-e645-4a01-9dc2-8e6708dcc8d4&shtk=bmF0aGFuIGZpbGxpb24%3D&shdk=U3BlZWNobGVzcyA6KQ%3D%3D&shhk=qCCgNf%2BRAZkyHHWg1E2WzlEmQTYd%2ByLFLgaHN%2BpHR1c%3D&form=VDSHOT&shth=OVP.f2n5E9ej11Biz02J2WUnhgEsDh
  9. Just when I was starting to enjoy this board again……
  10. Not sure why comparing video of their players to NU's HC makes sense, the better comparison would be to the recent interviews the NU players gave this week. IMO the NU players looked relaxed and ready, I didn't get a sense that they were tense at all.
  11. Who is it, I don't see the tweet?
  12. What was Dennis Dodd's reasoning for picking ILL as 3rd, that is worse IMO, I mean NW has at least been pretty successful the past few years.
  13. Ravi Lulla went ham on SF during the cross over on 1620 today. Bishop and Josh also were critical. USC Crossover
  14. Nebraska - 45 Illinois - 24 Passing - 325 Rushing - 230
  15. I do agree with you, the players just seem ready, but intense in a good way. I have been feeling this could be a really good year also, super excited for Saturday!
  16. It just makes me want to eat beef jerky
  17. Man that is horrible for Will, it seemed he was ready to have a pretty good year. I wonder if he will try play again next year or try and make a NFL practice squad instead?
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