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  1. First set of conference road tests for this very young team and it showed early on in both matches. Got a couple of lucky overturns tonight via instant replay that I felt could have gone either way in the 2 set, but they took control in the 3rd and 4th sets. IU is much better than in the past for sure, good pair of wins this weekend.
  2. Something akin to the OU game in ‘09 would absolutely awesome. “It’s not about yards Ma’am, it’s about points.”
  3. That and the fact that a large number of linemen take until their Jr or RJr year to come into their own. All of the talk about how he should have been an OG was misplaced, 2 different coaching staffs in a row saw him as a DT/NT so I will trust them over the message board crowd.
  4. Great song, the guitar riff always gets me going.
  5. The Maryland one is priceless.
  6. Only 22 points to show for 450 yards of offense. Wonder if their issues were turn overs or inability to score TD’s in the red zone?
  7. Man there were some DUDES on that Blackshirt unit. Dejon Gomes, Prince, Crick, Suh, etc. Still brings a tear to my eye to watch their highlights.
  8. I am seriously starting to buy into the Blackshirts being damn good this year! Great look in this episode on them.
  9. Brian Ferentz - Sooooooooooo Dad, about those offensive metrics in my contract, any chance for a mulligan?………
  10. And they are moving around pretty well, doing some good things out there…..
  11. Especially for kids that play starting at a young age, travel ball, camps, etc., it starts to turn into a chore/job for many of them and they lose interest. Watched several kids my son played baseball with fade away for the same reason over the years.
  12. I miss all of the posts/memes about how far Alex Henery could kick. Those were some fun days!
  13. I am just not a fan of revisionist history. Based on what Rhule has said and shown so far, no way does Wagner get hired if he isn’t a good coach in Rhule’s eyes. Yes his recruiting connections are what gave him the opportunity, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t also a heck of a coach. I find it hilarious that after he gets canned for a really dumb mistake, people are spinning it that this is good because his replacement is a better coach without any evidence either way. Martin may very well be a good coach, and I really hope he is and that he is super successful at NU, but to automatically claim the change will result in better coaching without any true evidence is laughable. Before Wagner’s screw up, I don’t recall anyone claiming Martin should be the man over him.
  14. This narrative needs to stop. Wagner is a HS coaching legend in Texas. You don’t win as many games as he did without knowing how to coach.
  15. The schedule was changed as they are having special coverage of the Oregon and Washington adds
  16. To be fair, other coaches did the Navy Seal training thing, including Bo during one of the better years since TO retired.
  17. That POV ignores the level of talent identification in the hiring manager. Hiring the good talent is largely on the hiring manager to properly evaluate the talent of the candidates. So many times I have seen other fellow department heads make bad hires simply because the resume looks good, trusted a single reference, or was slightly desperate to fill a position even though hiring the wrong person is worse than not hiring someone at all. MR has a pretty good track record at making good hires, he is starting to show an impressive coaching tree. SF didn’t really have a track record in making hires, people assumed his 1st set of hires were good because they worked at UCF, but SF didn’t show an ability to hire P5 coaches before coming to NU where as MR clearly has. Don’t get blinded by the candidate and everyone’s perceived shortcomings without actually factoring in the person making the hire and that person’s track record for making good hires.
  18. I’ll bite, what exactly do his hand symbols mean?
  19. 2022 signee, so a 4 to play 4 guy?
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