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  1. nebraskafan1776

    Husker fans in Corpus Christi

    There has to be some Husker fans in Corpus Christi. Just a couple of months until football. Where are you???????
  2. nebraskafan1776

    RB Deontae Cooper

    I agree. I think Washington has just as much chance if not more than we do to pull recruits out of California now that there has been a coaching change. Sarkisian brings a lot of notoriety to the Washington program from any California kid who watches USC play. So it's not a stretch to asume that Washington will have more of a chance with this kid. As far as Montana goes, If I am not mistaken, Sarkisian has been coaching quaterbacks for years now and was almost an automatic to pull him out of Califonia. They will not be such a push over team when NU knocks on their door. Darn it. GBR!
  3. nebraskafan1776

    2011 QB and Cornerback?

    I agree with the "wounded duck" comment about Suntrup. I didn't see one ball thrown that looked like it had speed on it. I know he has time to develop but he has to stop throwing hand grenades. It looks like if he works out arm strength he could be a pretty good QB. If he keeps throwing the way he did in the video then when he gets to college he'll get picked off a lot. As a former safety I can tell you that I loved playing against QB's that threw like that. I didn't have to work as hard to get under the ball or to time my hits. If he is going to throw "west coast style" then he needs to put a lot of zip on the ball. Tyler Gabbert has a west coast arm so just compare the two. Maybe NU wants Suntrup more as an athlete than a QB because he does have scrambling abilities. I am in no way doubting Suntrip'a ability to be a QB at the College level. I am limited to the same observations as most people, which is very limited. Maybe the highlight film is just not a fair showcase of his talents. He must have something in order to catch the recruiting eye.
  4. nebraskafan1776

    **Predict the Oklahoma Score, Rushing and Passing Yards**

    NU 44 OU 38 (Probably not but I never bet against the huskers!!!!!) OU will pour on the score in the first half scoring 28 points but the huskers will shut them out in the 3rd qtr and OU tries to come back scoring 10 more in the 4th but to no avail!!! Nebraska scores 17 in the first half and then switch to a passing happy attack to score 27 more in the 2nd half. Thank you Nate Swift for that awesome catch in the back corner of the endzone that seals the deal!! Passing 380 Rushing 125 GO HUSKERS!!!!
  5. nebraskafan1776

    SIGNED S Mason Wald

    Thanks for picking NU Mason! I hope you know that Husker Nation will be cheering you on. Prove those SEC teams wrong for not offering and show our Big XII foes what Blackshirt D is all about.
  6. nebraskafan1776

    SIGNED S Mason Wald

    I watched it also and you are right...wtf Scout showed as a solid verbal. Did he commit after everyone and not get listed or did he commit to late and not get a spot? Anyone know?
  7. nebraskafan1776

    SIGNED: DB Alfonzo Dennard

    You know this guy is good when Rivals has him at 25 CB and his hight is 5' 10". Why would Scout have him at 81? Still that's awesome!! Welcome future Blackshirt.
  8. nebraskafan1776

    SIGNED S Mason Wald

    Come on Bo! Lets get Justin Rogers and Mason Wald on board. If Justin Rogers or Mason Wald is reading this....remember that the Husker Nation wants you here.
  9. nebraskafan1776

    SIGNED S Mason Wald

    I sooooo agree.
  10. nebraskafan1776

    SIGNED S Mason Wald

    Wow what a hitter! He plays aggressive. Me likey... We have to get this guy!
  11. nebraskafan1776

    WR Laron Byrd

    If he had a great time in Lincoln I wonder why Scout still has Nebraska as a Low Interest? That's makes me nervous.
  12. nebraskafan1776

    What game in 08' are you looking foward to??

    Western Michigan because all teams with the name Michigan in it can bite me! Other than that....all of them. Go Huskers!
  13. nebraskafan1776

    DE John Youboty

    I still think it's NU but we shall find out Monday.
  14. nebraskafan1776

    Bo-dacious Bonding

    I am so pumped! I have complete faith that Bo will put the Husker Nation back on track. Can't spell BOWL without BO!
  15. nebraskafan1776

    Corey McKeon back to play in 2008!

    Okay... For 1 sec I was like WTF! Now I feel better.