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  1. What song is played at the games when third down comes up? i think it was a drum beat and it only went for al ittle bit

    1. Huskerzoo


      If I had to guess it would be this

      but I really have no clue what you're talking about.
    2. Foppa


      Probably Sirius. Or 'Back in Black'. They play the same crap year after year, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out eventually.

    3. Landlord


      There are a lot of them - if it was drum-beat heavy it might have been Black Betty.


  2. Has anyone seen those #week1 shirts anywhere in lincoln or omaha?

  3. Around what time in the game did they show him?
  4. Coach Rich Fisher ‏@rfisher88. Get ready for a loud explosion!!!!

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    2. QMany


      @Coach_TJoseph: @CoachJP_NU Its almost that time! I can feel it!!! #GBR

    3. onlyHskrfaninIL


      Love explosions are the best

    4. onlyHskrfaninIL
  5. Stadium question. Are there isles on each side of section 32?

    1. Count 'Bility

      Count 'Bility

      Havent sat in that section in a long time, but I believe there is a walkway/stairs on the west side against the wall/fence. If youre considering tickets for that section, check seat numbers. Anything againtst the wall from row 40 I believe it is on up a ways, you wont see much but the wall for the west stadium structure. Been there done that. Shoulda stayed at the bar.

  6. When does Burroughs wrestle?

    1. mabrown310


      august 10th I believe. I know it is one of the final days


  7. Can someone pm me the password to the Woodshed?

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    2. PaulCrewe


      Enhance the answr to that is Bucky

    3. HUSKER 37

      HUSKER 37

      It's a trap!!!


    4. HUSKER 37

      HUSKER 37

      But the shed lost all it's credibility when they outlawed nudity

  8. Terry Joseph has accepted the NU offer.
  9. I watched the game and Imani only had 3 carries for probably about 11-12 yards. they mainly used him for pass blocking
  10. How do they still have room for him?
  11. Where? My bad that guy didn't know what he was talking about. He committed to USC
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